According to the Associated Press, on the 8th local time, as tropical storm "Idalia" strengthened, Florida residents were evacuated from the Gulf Coast, and weather forecasters predicted that the storm would trigger a potentially life-threatening storm surge within a few days.

According to reports, "Idalia" is expected to begin to affect Florida with hurricane-strong winds on the evening of the 29th local time as soon as the evening, and arrive on the west coast on the 30th, forming a dangerous hurricane. The first storm to hit Florida this season, it could hit the state as it grapples with ongoing damage from Hurricane Ian in 2022.

Florida Governor DeSantis declared a state of emergency in 46 counties, an area that stretches across the northern half of the state and stretches from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic coast. The state has mobilized 1100,2400 members of the National Guard, 12,<> high-water vehicles and <> aircraft for rescue and recovery efforts.

DeSantis warned that Idalia could become a Category 3 hurricane with a "significant impact" on the state. The Florida Department of Transportation will waive highway tolls in the Tampa area and Big Bend starting at 29 a.m. local time on the 4th to help ease the burden on people in the storm's path.

Southwest Florida is still recovering from the 2022 Hurricane Ian. The Category 5 hurricane killed nearly 150 people and damaged 52000,20000 buildings, nearly <>,<> of which were destroyed or severely damaged.