Alexandre Chauveau // Photo credit: Frederic Dides / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 08:10, August 28, 2023

A few days before the meeting with the President of the Republic, Eric Ciotti recalled this Sunday his wish to weigh the balance on his side. After the retirement sequence, the boss of the Republicans intends this time to show the unity of his party to the rest of the political world.

It is not only on the left that we are making our return. This Sunday, Les Républicains gathered in front of nearly 3,000 activists in the Alpes-Maritimes with a single objective: to highlight their unity. Because, like all the other leaders of political parties, the boss of the LR Eric Ciotti was invited by the head of state Emmanuel Macron on August 30, for a working session around the major themes that made the headlines during the summer.

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"Take our proposals"

But if Eric Ciotti claims to go there of good will, "in the best interest of the country" he says, the president of the Republicans remains suspicious of Emmanuel Macron's initiative. Out of the question for him to participate in what he fears will be a new communication coup of the head of state. After having torn themselves apart in the spring on the pension reform, this time, the Republicans want to show their unity and try to impose its measures on the executive.

"The palaver has gone on too long. I will say to the President of the Republic: 'If you sincerely want things to move forward, then take our proposals'. They are ready. Let's stop procrastinating, let's act!" he exclaimed to activists on Sunday.

Taking advantage of the differences of the majority

Eric Ciotti alludes to the right-wing bills on immigration, but also to the reduction of taxes, while the 2024 budget will be voted in a few weeks. LR is therefore trying to assert itself as a party of government at a time when the first tensions appear in the majority.

The LR boss also calls on his party to embody hope. A message full of meaning for the latter, as he pronounces these words by addressing Laurent Wauquiez directly, present at his side.