United States: Motivated by 'racial hatred', man shoots dead three people in Florida

A new shooting in the United States. The 470th since the beginning of 2023. A man killed three people in a Florida store before killing himself. For the authorities, there is no doubt that the shooter was motivated by racial hatred.

Excerpt from a video released at the police press conference, August 26, 2023, showing the Jacksonville shooter's weapons. AFP--

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The first shots rang out shortly after 13 p.m. local time at a discount store in Jacksonville, Florida, writes our correspondent in the United States, Loubna Anaki. The shooting took place near Edward Waters University, historically attended by black students.

"Disgusting" ideology


A white man, equipped with a tactical vest, pistol and assault rifle, opened fire on the customers before turning the gun on himself. Two men and a woman died instantly. All black. For Sheriff TK Waters, this is clearly a racial crime: "The shooter left behind several manifestos. One for his parents, another for the media and one for the authorities. These texts detail the shooter's disgusting ideology of hatred. To put it bluntly, this shooting was race-motivated. He hated black people. »

The shooter, a man in his twenties, was apparently known to police. Swastikas were hand-drawn on at least one of his weapons, TK Waters said. The man called his parents just before taking action. But by the time they notified the authorities, it was already too late. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida and candidate in the Republican primary, immediately reacted, denouncing "an act of cowardice". The United States has more individual weapons than inhabitants, partly because of the ease with which Americans have access to it. One in three adults owns at least one weapon and nearly one in two adults lives in a household where there is a gun.

Proliferation of weapons

The consequence of this proliferation is a very high rate of firearm deaths in the United States, without comparison with other developed countries. Several other shootings took place over the weekend in the country. Earlier, Saturday, August 26, at least seven people were hospitalized after gunshots were fired at a Caribbean festival in Boston (northeast), according to police. The day before, two women were shot and wounded in Chicago (north) while attending a game of the White Sox, a team of the North American Major League Baseball.

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