Iranian Defense Ministry spokesman Brigadier General Reza Talaei confirmed that a number of countries are asking to buy Iranian drones, including European countries, at a time when Moscow stressed that military relations with Tehran "will not be subject to pressure."

Talayi added that these countries do not want to reveal this matter publicly, as he put it.

The Iranian official said that Tehran is ready to export its marches to any country, if Iran does not have any special political or security positions towards it, and provided that the drones are not used for negative purposes.

He also pointed out that his country will import any military equipment it needs from abroad if it is not able to produce it at home.

Military relations with Russia

Regarding Iran-Russia military relations, Moscow stressed on Saturday that it "will not succumb to pressure."

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia's military cooperation with Iran would not succumb to geopolitical pressures.

RIA quoted Ryabkov as saying: "There are no changes and cooperation with Iran will continue... We are independent countries, and we do not submit to the dictates of the United States and its affiliates."

This follows a report that Washington has asked Tehran to stop selling drones to Moscow.

Earlier this month, Britain's Financial Times newspaper quoted an Iranian official and another source familiar with the matter as saying that the United States was demanding that Iran stop selling armed drones to Russia.

Last Tuesday, the Iranian Ministry of Defense unveiled the "Mohajer 10" drone, saying that it is capable of flying for 24 hours at an altitude of up to 7,210 meters at a speed of <> kilometers, and it is also able to carry out operations at a range of up to <>,<> kilometers.

It is an advanced version of the "Mohajer 6" march, capable of carrying bombs and equipped with electronic warfare equipment and information monitoring.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Iranian drones, after Western countries accused Tehran of providing Russia with a number of them during its war in Ukraine, which Iran officially denies.

One of the most prominent Iranian drones that is being talked about supplying Russia is the small Shahid-136 or suicide drone, which weighs about 200 kilograms.