Shenzhen, 8 Aug (ZXS) -- Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways held its first mainland talent recruitment fair in Shenzhen on 25 August. The job fair will run until 25 August and is expected to recruit a total of 8 to 30 Mainland cadastre flight attendants.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Officer Lam Siu Po said at the scene that after the full resumption of personnel exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland, exchanges between the two places have become more intense. With the increasing number of mainland tourists, Cathay Pacific hopes to attract more outstanding mainland talent. It is expected that by 2025, the total number of talents on the mainland will reach about 4000,<>, including trainee pilots, cabin attendants, information technology personnel, customer service staff and logistics personnel.

Mr Lam added that this year, Cathay Pacific launched the "Pilot Trainee Programme" in the Mainland for the first time to accept applications from Mainland residents to increase talent for the industry. Cathay Pacific will also recruit ground staff from the mainland to work in Hong Kong through the Greater Bay Area Labour Import Scheme of the HKSAR Government.

He also said that it is expected that by 2025, the total number of Cathay Pacific flight attendants from the mainland will expand to 1000,2000 to <>,<>, and the Cathay Pacific flight attendant team will form a personnel structure with the largest proportion of employees in Hong Kong, the second largest proportion of employees in the mainland and the third proportion of employees in other Asian countries and regions, forming a diverse, enthusiastic and world-class service team.

On that day, more than 100 candidates who had previously passed the preliminary selection came to the interview. There were "touch height and language test", "group discussion" and "one-on-one interview" and other links on site.

Ms. Deng, from Guangzhou, told reporters that she had worked as a flight attendant in two airlines, and Cathay Pacific was close to home and had many international routes, so she could take advantage of her English skills.

Ms. Zhao, a Sichuan national who used to work for Korean Air, said that as more and more mainland people travel to and from Hong Kong, as a mainland flight attendant, she has certain advantages in serving mainland passengers.

It is understood that after passing the interview, the mainland cadastral flight attendants will receive training in Hong Kong and use Hong Kong as a work base, and the salary package will be the same as that of other employees. Mainland cadastral flight attendants can choose to reside in any city within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area if the commuting time between their place of residence and Hong Kong International Airport is less than 90 minutes; If you choose to live in Hong Kong, the company will provide a certain subsidy. (End)