Brisbane, 8 Aug (ZXS) -- Visiting the Confucius Institute for Tourism at Griffith University in Australia

China News Agency reporter Gu Shihong

The Confucius Institute for Tourism at Griffith University in Australia is the world's first China-Australia Cooperative Tourism Confucius Institute featuring tourism. August 8 is the local winter and early spring, and reporters came here to visit.

Walking into the Confucius Institute for Tourism, you can see the Chinese and paintings of local students posted on the walls at the entrance of the school, including poetry, prose, gongbi drawings and calligraphy.

"The college was founded in 2011. Professor Marklin, a famous Australian sinologist who became the first foreign dean. Shan Xuguang, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute for Tourism at Griffith University, told reporters.

On August 8, Maclin, a famous Australian sinologist gave an interview in Brisbane. Photo by China News Agency reporter Gu Shihong

Shan Xuguang introduced that after the establishment of the college, Chinese courses were offered at the Gold Coast Campus of Griffith University and the Nathan Campus of Brisbane at the same time, including junior high school advanced general Chinese, business Chinese, tourism Chinese, work Chinese, and children's Chinese for primary and secondary school students. At the same time, it also provides targeted courses for local enterprises, such as Chinese language courses for enterprise staff, Chinese courses for employees of the International Department of Griffith University, Chinese classes for Brisbane airport staff, and Chinese classes for Brisbane police officers.

Speaking of the students who came to learn Chinese, Shan Xuguang said: "Local students range in age, ranging from preschool children to retired elderly people. The oldest student is an 80-year-old Australian. The students include university teachers and students, as well as company employees and government workers. Some students enroll in the study together as a family. ”

At the Nathan campus, Maclin, who is in his eighties, told reporters that he held his first lecture on Chinese culture, organized the first Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), and cooperated with the Chinese Consulate General in Brisbane and the Australia-China Friendship Association to hold a forum to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and China. Marklin is haunted by the fact that in 2014, he won the Chinese Government Friendship Award.

When asked why the Confucius Institute highlighted the feature of "tourism", Machlin said that a large number of Chinese tourists came to visit, which greatly promoted the development of Australia's tourism economy, thereby driving people-to-people exchanges and enriching Australia's diverse culture.

On August 8, Shan Xuguang (left), Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute for Tourism at Griffith University, and Maclin, a well-known Australian sinologist visited the photo booth of related activities. Photo by China News Agency reporter Gu Shihong

"Since the establishment of the hospital, we have actively participated in local multicultural festivals. The 'Chinese Club' held by the campus holds more than 50 activities every year. We have also organized training and seminars for local Chinese teachers on the Gold Coast, which have been held 20 times so far. At the same time, through the Brisbane Chinese Festival, Chinese Food Culture Festival, Chinese Painting Exhibition, Gold Coast Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals, as well as people-to-people exchange activities such as the International Symposium on Contemporary Chinese Governance, and the International Academic Conference on East-West Dialogue 'Tourism and the Chinese Dream', students can understand the excellent traditional Chinese culture and share the feast of diverse cultures in the mutual learning of civilizations. Macklin said.

"In October, I will visit Hefei, Suzhou and other places in China." Maclin, who had just returned from a visit to China in July this year, told reporters, "Australia-China relations are very important, and the Confucius Institute for Tourism at Griffith University will continue to make every effort for Australia-China people-to-people exchanges and cooperation." (End)