• Fire The fire burns almost 15,000 hectares of Tenerife while entrenching itself in the heights of Güímar
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Rosa Dávila, president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, has revealed on Tuesday that one of the helicopters of the corporation that works against the fire unleashed on the island a week ago has been inoperative after receiving a stone when replenishing water in an agricultural tank.

The president has attributed this action to the hoaxes that are spreading and that can cause "some people to do this kind of thing for fear of losing their crops", although all the water that has been collected to fight the fire will be replenished.

"It is very important that we can work calmly and without more risk than the media already have in their work," Rosa Dávila has requested, to warn that the only official source of information "is this table", referring to the facilities of the Emergency and Security Coordination Center 112 from where the fire evaluation meetings and press conferences are developed.

Davila has insisted that it is very dangerous to alarm because "then this type of thing occurs" and has confirmed that the Civil Guard has already acted in relation to the incident suffered by the helicopter.

The Minister of Territorial Policy of the Government of the Canary Islands, Manuel Miranda, has specified in turn that all helicopters carry GPS so that at all times the water and the place where it has been captured are known, so he has reassured all the owners of deposits that they see that they are diminishing because their content will be replaced at the relevant time.

This incident will cause this Tuesday to work in the fight against the fires two aerial means less, because the damaged by the impact of the stone on the tail rotor of the Cabildo de Tenerife adds the breakdown in a piece of the hydraulic system of another helicopter of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, said the head of Civil Protection, Montserrat Roman.

14,624 hectares and a perimeter of 88 km

In addition, the authorities have reported that the fire has experienced its first quiet night, with a single front that advances, that of Mal Abrigo on the steep slopes of Güímar, in the south of the island, where specialized brigades will be concentrated today.

After making a readjustment to the affected area, it stands at 14,624 hectares and a perimeter of 88 kilometers and, as explained by the Canarian Minister of Territorial Policy, Manuel Miranda, during the night for the first time it has been possible to work smoothly and as planned.

This situation will allow evaluating the beginning of a de-escalation so that the evicted people return to their homes, for which Rosa Dávila has convened a meeting with the mayors of the affected municipalities, the directors of the extinction and the company Endesa. This is due to the affectation in the low voltage lines of the evacuated areas and the neighbors who return will find a power cut, information that the mayors must have before making a decision.

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