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The City Council of Bufalí (Valencia) has denounced to the Civil Guard the desecration of several niches of the municipal cemetery during the patron saint festivities.

From the consistory has issued a statement in which they express that they feel "a mixture of sorrow and anger" that they share with their people and that they will do everything in their power "to find the individuals who have been able to do this".

The City Council regrets "deeply" the "great pain" that this situation "has caused throughout the town, especially to the families of the affected graves" which, according to published information, are between seven and ten, with destroyed niches and open coffins.

The consistory has asked all people and administrators of WhatsApp groups who have received images of the desecration in the cemetery to delete them and not disseminate them "out of respect for the deceased people and their relatives." "Many encouragements to all affected families and a big hug," concludes the City Council.

This is the second time this summer that a municipality in the Vall d'Albaida region suffers damage to its cemeteries. On August 10, the Civil Guard, within the framework of the operation 'Tread', reported the arrest of a 28-year-old for a crime of violation of graves, desecration of corpses, attempted robbery and damage after a complaint of numerous damages and several damaged graves in the cemetery of Alfarrasí in mid-July.

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