33-year-old Lucy Letby worked with sick and premature babies in a hospital in northwest England. At the same time, there were an unusually high number of deaths in the neonatal unit, between June 2015 and June 2016.

In 2018, two years after retiring from hospital in Chester, south of Liverpool, she was arrested at her home. She was accused of injecting the infants with air, overfeeding them with milk and poisoning them with insulin.

On August 19, she was convicted of murdering seven newborn babies and attempted murder of six other infants. On Monday, the sentence was announced, which will be life imprisonment.

Targeting twins

The judge also found that the 33-year-old targeted twins, and in one case triplets, and that her actions were "premeditated, calculating and cunning".

"I'm a horrible, evil person. I'M EVIL I DID THIS," according to the Reuters news agency, it was written on a handwritten note that police officers found in Lucy Letby's home when she was arrested.

However, she has always denied any wrongdoing, saying, according to Sky News, that she is accused of the hospital's failure. She, like many others during the trial, is said to have cried when some of the verdicts were announced.

Letby has refused to appear in court on Monday when the verdict is handed down. It has sparked a discussion in the UK about making this mandatory, which it is not today, reports the BBC.