Hong Kong, 8 Aug (ZXS) -- Foreign businessmen are optimistic about Hong Kong's prospects: Come to Hong Kong, fall in love with Hong Kong, and stay in Hong Kong

China News Agency reporter Dai Xiaoqi

A few days ago, the statistics released by the Hong Kong SAR Government on the establishment of Hong Kong-based companies, regional headquarters and offices by overseas enterprises in 2022 show that the total number of Hong Kong-based companies with Hong Kong parent companies was 8978,71, a year-on-year decrease of <>.

In a recent interview with China News Agency, Bonner, chairman of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, bluntly said that due to geopolitical and talent policies and other factors, Singapore has become a new foothold for many foreign-funded companies to expand their business in Asia in recent years.

Bona, chairman of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, was recently interviewed by a reporter from the China News Agency. Photo by Dai Xiaoyu, reporter of China News Agency

"But Hong Kong has always had a better financial environment and a great location in the heart of Asia." Bona added that while Hong Kong is an international financial center, it also has Chinese mainland policies and capital support, which can help foreign enterprises connect Chinese mainland and the rest of the world, which are Hong Kong's unique advantages.

Foreign investors highly recognize "one country, two systems": Hong Kong is a stable and reliable business hub

As one of the leading European economies, many German companies have set their sights on the Asian market in their pursuit of internationalization, and the first stop is Hong Kong. As an important international financial centre and business hub, Hong Kong offers a broad business opportunity and investment platform for German companies.

Heyouhan said that Hong Kong under "one country, two systems" has many advantages such as the rule of law environment, open market and international financial system, making it an important international financial center to attract foreign investment, enjoying the policy of free trade and capital flow, making it easier for German enterprises to set up branches or subsidiaries in Hong Kong, cooperate with local enterprises and conduct business.

Zhang Nian, chairman of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, was interviewed by China News Agency before his birthday. Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

Mr Daniel Cheung, Chairman of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, also expressed his concern for Hong Kong's role as a global business hub, noting that with its convenient international trade channels and broad market opportunities, Finnish companies can take advantage of Hong Kong's geographical location and advanced logistics network to further improve their products and services in the relatively small market of Hong Kong before entering the mainland market.

Greater Bay Area connectivity stimulates economic vitality: creating a new pattern of win-win results

In recent years, the vigorous development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has brought a lot of development opportunities to foreign enterprises, and Whitlam, Chairman of the Hong Kong New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, has also made Whitlam, chairman of the Hong Kong New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, feel the unlimited business opportunities brought by connectivity, "Hong Kong is the gateway for New Zealand enterprises to enter the Chinese mainland, and many New Zealand companies that want to do business in Chinese mainland will first set up an office in Hong Kong. He said that the interconnection of markets in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has continuously improved the facilitation of cross-border trade investment and financing.

"A lot of New Zealand companies have said they want to do business in Hong Kong." Whitlam told reporters that Hong Kong is one of New Zealand's top destinations for overseas direct investment, covering a number of sectors such as power distribution, waste management, parking, hospitality, agriculture, horticulture and logistics.

"Entering the Chinese mainland market is a very important thing and that's why we chose to set up a company in Hong Kong." In 2022, Sunsun Asset Management, a joint venture between France and Belgium, launched in Hong Kong, which buys mainland stocks and bonds through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Bond Connect to help European investors share China's development opportunities.

Foreign investors choose to remain in Hong Kong: optimistic about its long-term development potential

As the CEO of Xinxi Asset Management, Frenchman Lu Junyi stressed that setting up the company in Hong Kong was the right choice. He also expressed his optimism about Hong Kong's business prospects and his confidence in Hong Kong's future. "We will continue to grow here for a long time."

Bonah told reporters that he has lived in Hong Kong for more than 20 years and has fallen deeply in love with the city. Over the years, Hong Kong has shocked him, changed him, and inspired him, "Hong Kong's policies are good, the business environment is constantly being optimized, and I don't know where else is better than Hong Kong." (End)