• Princess Mette-Marit of Norway suffers from pulmonary fibrosis, 'rare disease'
  • Complications Concern in Norway for Mette-Marit's health: she leaves an event after feeling unwell

"I will never allow a seamstress to be Queen of Norway," King Olaf V of Norway exclaimed angrily when his son, Prince Harald, expressed a desire to marry Sonja Haraldsen (86), an attractive young commoner. Despite the fact that the heir to the crown tried to plan romantic dates with Desirée of Sweden (85) and Sofia of Greece (84), the young man did not give his arm to twist. Since 1991, Harald V (86) and Sonja are kings of Norway. Highly respected by the people.

That historical event infected other royal houses, such as neighboring Sweden, since Carlos XVI Gustavo (77) joined the former German stewardess Silvia Renate Sommerlath (79) or Enrique de Luxemburgo (68), who married the Cuban heiress of Catalan origin Maria Teresa Mestre (67).

The Gotha had begun to democratize or, worse, began to fall into anachronism. Despite the sorrows, the children of those crowned heads married those they wanted and not those who imposed them and, therefore, incurred some scandal that alarmed society. This happened when the atractivor Haakon Magnus (50) -second son of Harald V and Sonja- fell in love at the Quart Rock Music Festival of Mette-Marit, another commoner whom the media did not take long to skin discovering his most tormented past.

Five years ago the princess was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis

It could be said that Mette-Marit, who turns 50 today, paved the way for a still unknown Letizia Ortiz (50). That blonde girl who suffered abuse from an alcoholic father and lack of affection, fell in love with cocaine dealer Morten Borg while working as a waitress. As soon as they broke up, she knew she was pregnant and, even so, she decided to try her luck in the reality showLa casa del placer to find her better half. There was no luck and Marius Borg (26) was born in 1997. Soon after, she would meet Haakon, whose romance was not discovered at the popular level until three years later. The X-ray of the young woman's profile did not end up liking. Videos began to emerge in which she was seen in crazy attitudes, it was said that she had consumed narcotics and that she was arrested and deported after appearing passed out at the door of the Norwegian consulate in Kolkata.

Behind the gates of the Royal Palace in Oslo there were anger, shouts, disappointments, impositions, pulses of power... "Either Mette-Marit or nothing," the crown prince objected to Harald V. He was about to renounce the throne.

Haakon and Mette-Marit bought their love nest in the center of the capital where they went to live without being married, with the young woman's three-year-old son. It was the spring of 2000 and the Norwegian people could not believe what they were seeing. However liberal they were, the heir was the future head of the Church of Norway. They finally got their way. They were married on 25 August 2001 at Oslo Cathedral.

As a wedding gift they received an estate of 48 hectares

As a wedding gift, the kings gave them Skaugum, a 48-hectare estate located a few kilometers southwest of Oslo that has several buildings, including a 1,000-square-meter mansion with 140 rooms that became the official private residence of the couple. For them to be in their sauce they invested four million euros in reforms and another 750,000 in the decoration. Three years after the wedding, Ingrid Alexandra (19) was born and then Sverre Magnus (17) arrived.


During the last two decades, Mette-Marit has strived to eradicate an almost black gray past to empathize with the longings of a people who, finally, have ended up welcoming her into their arms. She is set to be the future queen of a country that regained its sovereignty from Sweden in 1905. Today, members of the House of Glücksburg are extremely popular, with 78% of the people accepting the royal family after overcoming several identity crises. Among them, those linked to Princess Martha Luisa of Norway (51), victim of Salic law, who renounced her royal duties to help her future husband, the shaman Durek Verrett (48), in the field of natural medicine and who almost four years ago broke his heart when her ex-husband and father of her two daughters. Ari Behn, took his own life due to depression.

It is planned that in a few days Mette-Marit and Haakon will jointly celebrate a macro party because they are both the same age. In a recent interview with the influential newspaper Aftenposten, the heir to the throne confessed that "I miss Ari. We talked about him a lot. We have many good memories. It's incredibly sad that he's gone."

Haakon Magnus is his wife's biggest supporter since he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis five years ago. Due to its serious and chronic nature, the official agenda of marriage avoids being governed by strict schedules.

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