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  • International An explosion leaves three dead and more than 30 injured in the Dominican Republic

Two work accidents in Andalusia have caused serious injuries to five workers on Friday. The most serious incident has been recorded at a gas station in Almeria, where four workers who were in the manhole of a pump, cleaning the fuel tanks, have been injured as a result of an explosion.

Currently, there are fears for the lives of two of them. One has had to be transferred urgently to the Large Burns Unit of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville and another remains admitted to the ICU of the Torrecárdenas hospital in Almería. The other two less seriously injured are under observation in the Almeria hospital, according to police and health sources.

The deflagration at the gas station occurred at 9.30 am at the gas station located between the Mediterranean motorway (A-7) and the AL-3111 road as it passes through Almeria. The evidence collected suggests that an "accumulation of gases" while they were manipulating one of the fuel pump boxes is behind the explosion.

As reported by the 112, three of the injured by burns have been evacuated to the hospital by means of the service station, while a four of greater severity has been treated by the 061 in the same place of the work accident at first.

In the area have acted National Police, firefighters, health services, and Local Police, and has been notified to the Labor Inspection and the Center for Prevention of Occupational Risks.

The National Police and the Torrecárdenas University Hospital have confirmed that two of the injured are under observation and of the others, one is in the ICU and the other has been transferred to Seville. "The lives of the injured ICU like the one in Seville are still in danger," said the Police Station, as reported by Efe.

Electric shock

The other work accident took place around 8.00 in the morning in the Sevillian town of Arahal, where an operator, whose data have not transcended, has been seriously injured, suffering burns from an electric shock while working on a construction site.

Emergency 112 Andalusia has reported that at 8.00 am has received the notice that a man had suffered burns in a work of Santa María Magdalena street in the Sevillian town.

A unit of 061 has moved to the area, and after stabilizing the wounded, according to health sources, he has been transferred to the Virgen del Rocío hospital, where he remains under observation.

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