A German cargo ship has arrived at Istanbul's port of Ambarli from the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odessa, the first ship to depart from Ukraine since the grain deal expired.

The Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship Joseph Schulte left the Ukrainian port of Odessa on the Black Sea, which Russia blockades days ago, after remaining in the port since February 23, 2022, one day before the start of the Russian war on Ukraine.

Ukraine last week announced the provision of a "humanitarian corridor" in the Black Sea to allow the departure of cargo ships stranded in its ports, and Kiev said the corridor would be used primarily to allow the departure of ships stranded in Ukrainian ports.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on July 19 that it would consider all ships sailing the Black Sea to Ukrainian ports as potential carriers of military cargo.

Two days earlier, Moscow refused to extend the agreement on the transfer of Ukrainian grains, which it later announced it would extend if the Russian part of it, which requires the delivery of grain to needy countries, including African countries, is implemented.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the West of failing to meet the terms of the deal, as Western countries bring the bulk of Ukrainian grain to their countries in exchange for continued obstacles to Moscow's grain and fertilizer exports.

It is noteworthy that on July 22, 2022, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Nations signed the Black Sea Initiative, known in the media as the grain deal, which provides for the removal of Ukrainian grains and food products through the Black Sea from 3 ports, including the port of Odessa.

Turkish exile

In a related context, the Turkish presidential communications department denied what it described as allegations that Ankara did not react to the raid by Russian forces on a Turkish merchant ship named "Shukru Okan".

The Communications Department confirmed in a tweet on the "X" platform, that warnings were sent to the concerned side in the Russian side regarding the raid of the ship, and indicated that it included a demand not to repeat this act, which will lead to raising tension in the Black Sea, as it put it.

The liaison service explained in its publication that the ship was sailing in international waters during the raid and was not sailing in Russian waters.

On Sunday, the Russian navy stopped the Turkish ship for allegedly carrying grain from Ukraine and searched it before allowing it to continue on its way.