Chloé Lagadou / Photo credit: NICOLAS GUYONNET / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 13:22 p.m., August 18, 2023

The holidays end this weekend for many French people who will take the road to join their region. Bison Futé also plans red and orange in the direction of returns. To avoid traffic jams, some try to anticipate their trip, leaving a little earlier.

On the eve of another weekend of crossover, there are people on the roads. Bison Futé classifies the day in orange and red in the direction of returns this weekend. So, we anticipate by leaving this Friday. Roof chest and bike hanging on the back of the car, Ghislaine and Pascal go on holiday on the Côte d'Azur. Objective: to avoid traffic jams.

"We prefer the week to have fewer vehicles on the road"

"We come from Liévin, in the Hauts-de-France, and we go to Saint-Cyprien. So we left early this Friday morning so as not to have traffic jams, the return of holidays, "explains Ghislaine. "We've been doing it for years, we prefer the week to have fewer vehicles on the road."

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Leaving the day before the weekend, a solution not to be stuck in traffic and enjoy a more peaceful ride. "But now, we're going to sleep on the road, we're going to sleep in Clermont-Ferrand and tomorrow we're back on the road. That's the advantage of leaving the day before. We don't run, we have time and we are rested. And it's nice," adds the holidaymaker.

"The holidays are off to a good start"

"We don't have any stress. The road is for us, there are no traffic jams. We arrived at the toll booth, there is no one. It's great. So the holidays will start well," says Pascal. But before being feet in the water, Ghislaine and Pascal still have several hours to go. And during this heat wave, do not forget to hydrate yourself and not leave the children in your vehicle, even for a few minutes.