The manifestation is preceded by a petition signed by, among others, artistic directors and theatre directors of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Riksteatern, Länsteatrarna and Stockholm, Malmö and Uppsala City Theatre.

About a hundred theaters and independent groups all over Sweden will participate in the manifestation in some way.

"Some people will hold three minutes of silence in the middle of a performance. Others will participate in one of the large demonstrations that will be held in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, says Isabel Cruz Liljegren, playwright and one of the initiators behind the appeal.

"Left to eat crumbs"

According to the petition, the cultural sector has been dismantled and deprioritized for a long time.

– During the pandemic, there was a lot of talk about what investments need to be made in order for us to be stronger in crisis, but then the focus has shifted and we are left to eat crumbs, says Simon Norrthon, chairman of the Trade Union for Stage and Film.

The manifestation will take place on September 1 between 20:15 and 20:18. The idea is to recreate the event that took place at the same time and date 35 years ago when large parts of Culture Sweden were put on pause for three minutes.

Signal to the government

"I hope that the government will take note of the appeal and draw attention to it with politics. Preferably increased funding, but above all a clarity about what you think culture fulfills for the function of open democracy and for the participation of both citizens and artists, says Simon Norrthon.

"We hope that the government will take this seriously. We need to strengthen the resources of culture in order to achieve the cultural policy goals. A free cultural life is crucial for both democracy and for freedom of expression and our open society, says Isabel Cruz Liljegren.