Hong Kong, 8 Aug (ZXS) -- Sun Dong, secretary for innovation, technology and industry of the Hong Kong SAR Government, said on 12 August that the US policy has recently put forward restrictive measures for investment in some key science and technology enterprises in China, including Hong Kong, and the SAR Government has expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition. He stressed that Hong Kong should further strengthen its inherent international advantages and accelerate the establishment of its own technology industry system.

On the same day, Sun Dong said in a meeting with the media after attending a radio program that in the short term, especially in terms of investment, some I&T enterprises in Hong Kong may encounter difficulties in financing. In the long run, the relevant measures will not have a substantial impact on Hong Kong's I&T development, and the measures of individual countries will not affect the wave of the new generation of technological and industrial revolution, nor will it affect the development pattern of the world.

Sun Dong pointed out that as a highly international city, Hong Kong has always enjoyed the unique advantages of "one country, two systems", and will continue to encourage diversified I&T investment, diversify financing channels, and increase efforts to bring capital from the Mainland and other parts of the world to Hong Kong for further development to support the rapid development of Hong Kong enterprises, including start-ups. At the same time, talent is a key factor in I&T development, and Hong Kong will make full use of its advantages in internationalization to increase efforts to bring in talents from all over the world to develop in Hong Kong, so as to expand our I&T talent pool and increase development momentum.

Sun Dong stressed that the SAR government will more actively integrate into the overall development of the country, further strengthen its inherent international advantages, and accelerate the establishment of its own science and technology industry system. The HKSAR Government will closely monitor the development of the situation and will do its utmost to safeguard Hong Kong's rights and interests. (End)