SVT has previously reported that the incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago in Ronna in Södertälje, according to police sources, should have been about an employee refusing to provide an inmate convicted of murder 17-year-old, with a mobile phone. After the incident, in which a relative of the man was injured, the employer has tried to reach the employee.

"The employer has not been able to get in touch with the affected employee despite several regular attempts," writes Sis, which based the entire report on media information that the incident is linked to the man's work.

"Don't want to comment"

SVT has been in contact with Tysslinge-anstalten.

– We do not comment on matters concerning employees in the media, says Head of Department Mikael Skaldeman.

Since Friday, two people have been in custody, one of whom is suspected of extortion and attempted murder. The other, a 17-year-old inmate, is suspected of, among other things, attempted extortion and incitement to attempted murder.

Watch the devastation after the explosion in the video below:

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The blast was so powerful that the apartment building in Ronna Centrum suffered major damage. See the devastation in one of the neighboring apartments. Photo: Kalle Thulin/SVT