Guangzhou, August 8 (Reporter Xu Qingqing) Ding Li, deputy director and spokesperson of the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, introduced on the 10th that through the Guangzhou "Starting an Enterprise One Netcom" platform to comprehensively collect electronic license information, Guangzhou has realized 10 cross-departmental licensing matters to achieve online license joint office, 30 food, drug and medical device licensing matters to achieve new handling, change, cancellation of licenses and licenses to achieve joint office.

Ding Li said that the Guangzhou market supervision department is guided by the needs of enterprises, from the "simplification of administration and decentralization" of the 1.0 reform to the "suitable for business and industry" of the 6.0 reform, and continues to create an efficient, convenient, transparent and high-quality business environment. Among them, in terms of relaxing market access, we continue to explore the facilitation of market entity registration, implement standardized declaration for business entity registration, cover the whole process of "robot" intelligent approval, implement a "one-stop" license theme joint package, and comprehensively aggregate electronic license information, so as to realize "one network joint office, one license access, and e-license permission operation", which greatly improves the convenience of market entity registration.

For example, when a market entity establishes a registration, except for 7 types of industries that are not suitable for self-declaration and 4 types of places that cannot be used for business purposes by law, the applicant only needs to promise that the declared address is true and valid, fill in the standardized declaration form, and then "report and do it immediately".

On this basis, relying on the Guangdong Province's "Provincial General Office" system to promote the efficient handling of enterprise migration, and comprehensively collect electronic license information through the city's "Starting an Enterprise One Network" platform, 30 cross-departmental licensing matters have been jointly handled online, and 33 food, drug and medical device licensing matters have been jointly handled, changed, and cancelled, providing better services for the diversified business needs of market entities.

In terms of credit supervision of market entities, include high-quality enterprises in key industries with good credit status and low credit risk into the "white list" management, and implement inclusive regulatory measures such as "at most once a year", "entering the door once and checking multiple matters", and "non-contact supervision" for enterprises on the list, so as to create a more relaxed and orderly market supervision environment. At present, the first batch of "whitelist" enterprises in strategic emerging industries such as software and information technology services, intelligent and new energy vehicles has been recognized as 2355,<>.

In terms of promoting the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights, Guangzhou has actively established a national demonstration zone for intellectual property protection, opening up the whole chain of intellectual property creation, application, management, protection and service, and comprehensively stimulating the creativity of market entities. Improve the public service system of intellectual property rights, carry out high-value patent cultivation activities, well-known trademark cultivation projects, etc., and use intellectual property rights to help industrial development. Explore the establishment of a working mechanism for data intellectual property protection, and further improve the intellectual property protection system in new formats and fields.

According to reports, at present, it has supported leading enterprises in key fields such as automobiles, communications, artificial intelligence and big data, established 11 high-value patent transformation centers, cultivated 21 high-value patent portfolios, and supported 11 innovative subjects undertaking national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological research tasks to build high-value patent cultivation centers; The Guangzhou Intellectual Property Protection Center (national level) can carry out rapid examination of patent applications in high-end equipment manufacturing industries and new material industries, and the average examination period after passing the pre-examination is shortened from about 2 years to 3-6 months; Encourage banks to carry out intellectual property pledge financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, and compensate eligible non-performing loans with 50% of the loss of loan principal.

In order to effectively reduce the institutional costs of production and operation of market entities, the Guangzhou market supervision department openly solicits clues from the public on illegal charges of administrative examination and approval intermediary service institutions, actively cooperates in carrying out anti-monopoly law enforcement that investigates and deals with abuses of administrative power, abuse of market dominance and other behaviors that eliminate or restrict competition, and strictly investigates and deals with illegal acts that increase the institutional costs of production and operation of market entities such as illegal electricity fee increases. Since 2023, the market supervision department has investigated and handled 70 related cases, directly reduced the burden of market entities by more than 660.22 million yuan, cooperated with higher-level departments to carry out <> anti-monopoly law enforcement investigations, and further standardized the market operation order in the city. (End)