Next year, around this time, MetroSur line 12 will probably be closed for works, as confirmed by underground sources to this newspaper. The cut, which was announced yesterday in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (Bocam), will affect the stations of Juan de la Cierva, El Casar and Los Espartares, on the occasion of the extension of line 3 to the west of Getafe, leading to the stop of El Casar.

The expansion work will last until the end of 2024, so, during the months that the works last, the Community will enable a bus that will cover the route between these three stops, as is happening in the capital since line 1 was closed for reform work.

The project to expand line 3 will involve an investment of about 600,000 euros and will last for five months. This will allow there to be a connection in El Casar with the same line that communicates with the center of Madrid. It will be the second connection of MetroSur with another line, since on line 10, at its stop in Puerta del Sur, you can also change.

According to the Community of Madrid, the extension of line 3 will affect more than one million users, with more than two and a half kilometers of network and two years of total execution, beyond those three MetroSur stops that will be affected for five months.

Metro de Madrid broadcasts that more than 57,000 residents of the Centro district of the capital and 1.1 million from the south of the region, who will be able to reach the Puerta del Sol in 35 minutes.

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