China News Network, August 8 Comprehensive foreign media reported that on the 10th local time, a man in Utah was killed in a raid by the FBI. According to the news, the man is suspected of threatening US President Biden, Vice President Harris and a number of senior officials, and the raid may be related to this matter.

Infographic: FBI building.

According to reports, the FBI said in a statement that the incident occurred on the morning of the 9th local time, when FBI agents were preparing to execute an arrest and search warrant at a residence in Provo, Utah, and the suspect was killed in the process.

Later that day, Biden arrived in Utah and planned to attend a public event on veterans' health care in Salt Lake City on the 10th.

Reuters quoted an indictment from the Utah federal prosecutor's office saying the suspect was named Robertson. According to the complaint, he posted online in September 2022 alleging that he wanted to assassinate Biden and Harris. Before Biden's trip to Utah, the man had made another threat.

Infographic: US President Joe Biden. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

The indictment also shows that the man also threatened Prague, the Manhattan district attorney, who was leading a criminal investigation into former U.S. President Donald Trump at the time. In addition, he has threatened U.S. Attorney General Garland.

Robertson faces three charges, including interstate threats, threatening the president, and influencing, obstructing, and retaliating against federal law enforcement officials through threats.

A White House official said Biden was briefed on the raid and the FBI is conducting a detailed investigation into the matter.