Alexandre Chauveau / Photo credit: LUDOVIC MARIN / POOL / AFP 19:56 pm, August 10, 2023

In an interview with the "Figaro Magazine" last week, Emmanuel Macron announced a major political initiative in September without providing further details. For the time being, the political class wants to be rather doubtful while speculation is rife.

So what will Emmanuel Macron announce in September? Difficult to answer this question as the promise of the president remains unclear. In an interview with Figaro Magazine, the head of state spoke last week of a "political initiative of magnitude", without further details. Hypotheses are flourishing but for the time being, the political class wants to be doubtful.

Starting with the president's own camp, kept away from this announcement, synonymous with a new course set for the return to school after the famous 100 days decided the day after the difficult adoption of the pension reform. The Head of State still seems to be looking for a new lease of life in this second five-year term, without an absolute majority in the Assembly.

The RN and LFI, kept away

And if, at this stage, nothing has filtered around this major political initiative, Emmanuel Macron's idea would be to bring together different parties around a handful of texts sufficiently consensual to be adopted. With the aim of showing some cohesion in the run-up to the World Rugby and the Olympic Games, both organized in France.


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However, not all political parties would be welcome. The National Rally and La France insoumise, chosen by more than 20 million French people in the last presidential election but judged outside the republican field by the executive, should thus be kept away. Emmanuel Macron would rather have in mind to work with the Greens, the Socialist Party and especially The Republicans, even if Eric Ciotti's party has always refused so far the idea of a coalition with the president.