This spring, something happened that the mosquito fighters had not previously experienced at the lower Dalälven; The high flows did not subside, but rose further. It became a flood upon a flood.

"It was unique, we hadn't experienced it before, and now it's coming again, a similar scenario," says Jan Lundström.

On Sunday, the third mosquito control began and Jan Lundström hopes that they will be able to reach the areas planned by helicopter, but rain, thunder and wind affect the possibility.

The rivers decide

The ongoing flooding in the lower Dalälven river is partly due to the fact that it has rained a lot for a long time, which has built up the soil moisture. Now that there is more rain, it is not sucked up but flows on.

"Then the rivers, especially the Österdal River, determine what happens in the lower Dalälven. Now there is a lot of water coming from both the Öster and Västerdal rivers, so right now it has started with a flood that we are doing control on. Then it signals that there is more water, probably a lot more," says Jan Lundström.

In the clip: "They can expect an increase in mosquitoes" – third mosquito control started, but not everywhere.