Last year, 467 cases of TBE were reported throughout the country, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden. The Authority also notes that TBE is now present in an increasingly large geographical area.

– We usually have cases mainly a little later in the summer so we will see if there are any cases here this year. So far, however, things are looking good," says Fredrik Rücker.

The pressure for TBE vaccine has been high in the county after the recommendation that people in the southern part of the county should get vaccinated.

What could be the reason that there are no cases so far?

"One possible explanation could be an increased awareness of TBE and that people are more careful to protect themselves against ticks – for example, by wearing long sleeves," says the infection control doctor and continues:

– And that more people get vaccinated. We know that there is high pressure to get vaccinated against TBE.