China News Network, August 8 According to Turkey's Anadolu News Agency, on the 6th local time, a train derailed in southern Pakistan, killing at least 6 people and injuring more than 22.

An official in Pakistan's southern province of Sindh reportedly said that on the same day, a passenger train from Karachi to Harvelen derailed near the Sankel area of Sindh province, with at least 10 cars rushing off the track.

The local police chief said 22 people had been found dead and more than 50 injured passengers were taken to local hospitals.

Image source: Screenshot of a report by Turkey's Anadolu News Agency

Video shown on local television showed several carriages toppling on the tracks and rescue teams were trying to rescue trapped passengers with the help of heavy machinery.

Another video showed panicked survivors standing near the derailed carriage at the scene of the accident, including many women holding their children.

While the Pakistani authorities are carrying out rescue efforts, dozens of passengers are still trapped in the collapsed carriage, several of them injured and in critical condition. A state of emergency has been declared at nearby hospitals, and transportation on major rail lines has been suspended.

As rescue operations continue, the number of casualties is likely to continue to rise.

Pakistan's Minister of Railways, Kawaja Saad Rafik, said: "The derailment accident may be caused by a technical failure or 'sabotage'. ”

At present, the cause of the train derailment is under further investigation.

Train derailments are frequent in Pakistan's rail system. In 2021, at least 51 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a collision between two passenger trains in Sindh.