Mayalène Trémolet / Photo credit: NICOLAS LIPONNE / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 06:15, August 05, 2023

While the end of June and the beginning of July were marked by a series of riots in the suburbs, after the death of young Nahel M. in the context of a refusal to comply, the crime figures decreased significantly during the month of July.

In a context of widespread riots at the beginning of the month, in reaction to the death of the young Nahel, killed by a policeman in Nanterre, and strong protests by the police, going as far as strike movements within the national police, delinquency would have decreased in July, according to figures from the SMMSI, the Ministerial Statistical Service of Internal Security, that Europe 1 was able to consult.

In July, homicides fell by 10%, as did violent robberies without weapons, and robberies without violence against persons. Similarly, there was a 6% decrease in armed robberies and a 4% decrease in assault and battery, and sexual violence. While thefts from vehicles also contracted by 3%, home burglaries and thefts of vehicle accessories fell by only 1%. Car thefts remained stable.

Deliberate destruction and damage are on the rise

Only deliberate destruction and damage jumped by 8%. A figure that can be explained by the violence of the riots that occurred at the end of June until the beginning of July and which led to a lot of looting of businesses and damage to public property.


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According to information from Europe 1, these figures generally confirm the trend of recent months, marked by a general decline in delinquency. The balance sheet is therefore rather positive but can be qualified by the context of protest within the national police after the provisional detention of a police officer of the Marseille BAC, suspected of violence on the margins of the riots. In some cities, Marseille in the lead, several police stations, including police officers have declared themselves on sick leave. Civil servants have thus chosen to provide a minimum service, as a sign of protest, and not to register part of the complaints, in order to focus on the most important cases. The chief of the national police decreed on Friday that these sick leave could now be refused, recalling that police officers do not have the right to strike.