"Healthy suspicion is important now," says Mats Karlsson, head of the intelligence unit at Police Region South.

After the recent Koran burnings, Sweden has been painted as an anti-Muslim society around the world, which has led to Säpo considering raising the terrorist threat level against the country to four on a five-point scale.

Disinformation campaigns spread online

Head of Intelligence Mats Karlsson now fears the stories about Swedish society that are spread around social media.

"There are state actors who deliberately run disinformation campaigns. Then other actors latch on to this and reinforce the wrong image that is created. So – don't trust anyone on Twitter, for example, but dare to question.

Events may be cancelled

If the threat to Sweden increases even more, major events, such as Big Slap and the Malmö Festival, may have to be cancelled. Although it is a decision for the organizer to make, Mats Karlsson does not believe that it is an option at the moment.

"Such a decision is only taken if the public is deemed to be in too great a danger.

"In general, for the Malmö Festival, we have had good security cooperation for many years, especially in terrorism issues," says Per-Erik Ebbeståhl, Director of Sustainability and Security at the City of Malmö.

In the clip you can hear more about how Police Region South and the City of Malmö work with the threat picture that now exists.