A British automotive official has warned that China could paralyze UK roads with electric cars made with it that he said were plagued by major security problems.

The head of the Institute of the Automotive Industry, Professor Jim Sacker, said between 100,300 and <>,<> electric cars in Europe could be controlled and immobilized remotely by officials in China.

According to the newspaper, the British professor warned that "the danger of smart electric cars flooding the UK could serve as a Trojan horse used by the Chinese establishment if it wants to destabilize the British economy."

Industry analysts said 30 electric car brands - many in China - are preparing to cover the needs of the UK market ahead of the government's planned ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars, which will come into effect in 2030.

In a report to manufacturers and car regulators in Britain, Sacker feared that preventing the Chinese from putting spyware in vehicles that could be used to immobilize them simultaneously might be impossible.

The head of the Institute of the Automotive Industry called on the British government to postpone the ban on the use of new cars powered by gasoline and diesel for another 5 years.