According to the website of the State General Administration of Sports, the General Office of the General Administration of Sports issued a notice on the "Work Plan for Restoring and Expanding Sports Consumption" on 7 July. The plan mentions that in order to further restore and expand sports consumption, give full play to the important role of sports in expanding domestic demand and helping to build a new development pattern, the work plan has been formulated.

Key measures include:

Deepen consumption pilot demonstrations. Summarize the work of national sports consumption pilot cities, compile and publish a compilation of typical cases, and publicize and promote them nationwide; Organize the formulation of industry standards for the classification of sports consumption vitality cities, and on the basis of industry standards, identify a number of national-level sports consumption dynamic cities from the pilot cities in a timely manner. In conjunction with the Ministry of Commerce, the "Three-Year Action Plan for Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of a Quarter-Hour Convenient Living Circle in Cities (2023-2025)" will be implemented, and a new batch of pilot cities for the construction of a quarter-hour convenient living circle will be identified. Work with the State Administration for Market Regulation to carry out the construction of a national demonstration city for assured consumption. Taking pilot demonstration cities as the starting point, we will continuously optimize the sports consumption environment and enrich the supply of high-quality sports products. With the help of the mechanism of the inter-ministerial joint conference on service industry development, strengthen cross-departmental communication and collaboration, strive for more policies to tilt towards the sports field, and promote the quality and efficiency of the sports service industry.

Organize and carry out activities to promote consumption. Hold national sports consumption promotion activities, coordinate provincial sports administrative departments and national sports consumption pilot cities, link, coordinate and cooperate, and form a joint force to create a strong atmosphere for promoting sports consumption throughout the country. Encourage all localities to hold various forms of consumption promotion activities such as sports consumption seasons and online sports consumption festivals in accordance with local conditions, widely attract social forces to participate through the issuance of sports consumption coupons and other means, and continuously restore and expand sports consumption.

Increase the supply of high-quality events. Fully resume offline sports events, coordinate development and safety, promote the upgrading of events, do a good job in the competition organization and preparation of large-scale domestic and foreign comprehensive sports events such as the Hangzhou Asian Games, Chengdu Universiade, and Inner Mongolia Winter Games with high quality, and support local sports events with high visibility at home and abroad. Further improve the event system, vigorously develop professional events, and continuously improve the quality of professional events such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and cycling. Increase the supply of high-quality sports events such as ice and snow, mountaineering, sailing, and marathons, encourage social forces to hold self-owned brand sports events, continuously improve the level of event organization and management, and improve the experience of watching and participating in the competition. Further optimize event services, publish the national catalogue of individual sports events, and publish the guidelines for hosting and participating in the competition. Effectively give play to the role of the China Sports Arbitration Commission, effectively handle disputes over sports events, and effectively improve the management efficiency of events.

Enrich mass fitness activities. To meet the growing fitness needs of the people, the first national fitness competition was held; Guide and promote the development of community sports meetings in various localities, expand coverage and improve service levels. Organize and carry out national national fitness theme demonstration activities such as National Fitness Day, Farmers' Harvest Festival, and physical fitness for the elderly in Jiujiu Chongyang, to continuously improve public participation and satisfaction. Continue to carry out online mass sports activities such as the National Fitness Online Games to attract extensive participation from the public. By recommending the cases of the "three big balls" of the masses, holding the national and American rural basketball competitions, the nine provinces (regions) of the Yellow River Basin farmers' basketball invitational tournaments, and the national county football events, etc., encourage and guide all localities to adapt measures to local conditions, promote the wide and safe development of the "three big balls" events around the masses such as "village BA", "village super" and "village volleyball", promote the integrated development of sports, culture and tourism, empower rural revitalization, and release consumption potential.

Continue to deepen the integration of sports and education. Work with the Ministry of Education to hold the first National Student (Youth) Games. The second China Youth Football League was held. Increase youth sports service entities, promote the healthy development of schools and youth sports clubs with traditional sports characteristics, promote qualified sports schools to provide sports services to the majority of young people, and support all kinds of social organizations to participate in youth sports work. Enrich the youth sports activity system, continue to build activity brands such as "Run for Youth", cultivate social high-quality events, and improve the evaluation and supervision mechanism for various youth sports activities. Improve the supervision of sports training, develop norms for youth sports training services, and guide and regulate sports social organizations to provide better sports training services for young people.

Dig deep into the consumption potential of ice and snow. Promote the implementation of the "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Development of Ice and Snow Sports and Promoting the High-quality Development of the "Ice and Snow Silk Road", continue to carry out mass ice and snow activities such as the national mass ice and snow season, promote the "four-season expansion" of ice and snow sports, increase the construction of small and diverse ice and snow venues and facilities around the masses, create a good atmosphere for the people to participate in ice and snow sports, and consolidate and expand the achievements of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports". Accelerate the construction of the Beijing-Zhang Sports Cultural Tourism Belt, promote the use of Winter Olympic venues after the competition, encourage the hosting of ice and snow events, improve the utilization rate of venues, realize the linkage of venue resources in the three competition areas of the Winter Olympics, and release the potential of ice and snow consumption.

Cultivate and strengthen market players. Sort out and release the list of national-level "specialized, specialized and new" enterprises in the field of sports and single champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry, and lead and drive all localities to increase the cultivation of market entities. Organize and carry out the "Sports Industry Online Classroom" to interpret policies and provide services for market entities, promote sports market entities to take the path of "specialization and innovation", and continuously enhance their competitiveness and influence.

Enrich the supply of sports lotteries. Optimize the product structure of instant sports lottery, strengthen supply management, design and issue more instant sports lottery that integrates sports elements, reflects local characteristics, and carries traditional culture, continuously improves the comprehensive value, and better meets the needs of the masses. Do a good job in the issuance and sales of guess-based sports lottery during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Improve the quality of venue facilities. In conjunction with the Development and Reform Commission, organize and implement the "2023th Five-Year Plan" national fitness facilities to make up for the shortcomings of the project, and support the construction of sports parks, national fitness centers, public stadiums, social football fields, fitness trails, outdoor sports public service facilities and other sports facilities in various places. Implement the Action Plan for Improving National Fitness Venues and Facilities (2025-<>) to further improve the service level and use efficiency of public fitness facilities. Promote the construction of a national trail system. Summarize and promote the construction and utilization of typical experiences in football venues, and explore innovative positive incentive mechanisms. Implement the Notice on Carrying out the Activities of "National Ball into the Community" and "National Ball into the Park" to Further Promote the Construction of Fitness Facilities Around the Masses, and promote the construction of fitness facilities focusing on small facilities such as table tennis tables in urban communities and parks.

Improve the exhibition platform. Create high-level, professional and market-oriented brand exhibitions, and support the holding of China International Sporting Goods Expo, China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo; Continue to promote the establishment of sports topics on the two national-level exhibition platforms of the China International Import Expo and the China International Fair for Trade in Services; Hold the first China Outdoor Sports Industry Conference, with summit forums, industry exhibitions, promotion and negotiation, and experience exhibitions as the core content, release policies and measures for the development of outdoor sports industry, launch high-quality cycling routes, hiking routes, car self-driving sports tour routes, etc., and continuously release the consumption potential of outdoor sports.

Cultivate high-quality demonstration projects. Revise and issue the Measures for the Administration of National Sports Industry Bases to improve the quality of industrial bases; Name and identify a number of demonstration bases, demonstration units and demonstration projects; Formulate the Measures for the Management of National Sports Tourism Demonstration Bases, identify a number of national sports tourism demonstration bases, and continue to promote sports tourism boutique routes during the National Day and Spring Festival holidays; Encourage the holding of various types of sports events at all levels in demonstration projects such as national sports industry demonstration bases, national sports tourism demonstration bases, and national ski tourism resorts, and continuously enhance the popularity and influence of high-quality demonstration projects.

Create a new format of sports consumption. Encourage all localities to adapt measures to local conditions to create new forms of integrated development of outdoor sports with rural areas, culture, tourism, etc. Strengthen the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, vigorously develop intelligent sports equipment, and improve the level of scientific fitness intelligence. Promote the construction of smart sports facilities such as smart stadiums and smart sports parks, and create new scenarios of immersive, experiential, and interactive digital sports consumption.

Vigorously disseminate sports culture. Actively build brand projects such as "Ode to the Chinese Sports Spirit", with the theme of "Sports Power, Chinese Spirit", comprehensively display the era of the Chinese sports spirit, support the creation of sports literary and artistic works, and promote the work of sports intangible cultural heritage. Broaden the publicity carrier, make good use of the "two micro and one end" platform, enrich new media channels, and create an all-media communication matrix. Give full play to the function of the China Sports Museum, continue to publicize sports culture, and carry forward the spirit of Chinese sports. Take the first "Sports Promotion Week" as an opportunity to carry out a series of themed publicity activities. Strengthen the direct broadcast of sports events, present more events to the people, continue to improve the competitiveness and influence of sports events, make sports events more "eye-catching", and continuously cultivate residents' concept of sports consumption.

Popularize motor skills. Strengthen the construction of national sports science popularization bases, and further promote the pilot work of community sports and health centers. Accelerate the establishment of sports level rating standards, give play to the demonstration effect of sports stars, and organize and carry out activities for champions to enter schools and communities. Continue to support national teams with the conditions to disseminate athlete training scenes to the public, and continuously stimulate the enthusiasm of the people to participate in sports.

Strengthen the construction of sports standards. Give full play to the leading role of sports standards in the supply of high-quality sports products and services, focus on promoting the formulation and revision of standards for ice and snow sports, sports events, national fitness, opening of sports venues, and high-risk sports events, and release 20 national and industry standards in the field of sports to meet the needs of residents' sports consumption upgrades.

Improve sports consumption statistics. Summarize the statistical methods of promoting sports consumption in event activities, and study and establish a statistical monitoring mechanism for sports consumption driven by national events. Explore cooperation with Internet platform enterprises, promote the sharing of sports consumption data, and strengthen the analysis and judgment of the development characteristics and trends of sports consumption. Encourage all localities to continue to carry out regional sports consumption surveys on the basis of the national sports consumption pilot city residents' sports consumption survey, promote the improvement of the sports consumption survey system, and provide a decision-making basis for further promoting sports consumption.