• New Consell Mazón appoints Susana Camarero vice president to counter Vox and integrates the former spokesperson for Citizens

After the controversy over his pact with Vox and the recognition of "domestic violence" defended by those of Santiago Abascal, the president of the Generalitat, Carlos Mazón, has ensured that everything related to gender violence is under the control of the PP in the new Valencian Government. And this despite the fact that the courts of gender violence will depend on the Ministry of Justice that Elisa Núñez will manage for Vox. However, it will be the popular Susana Camarero who has the last word when it comes to setting the political discourse and attention to the victims of sexist violence.

This was confirmed yesterday by sources in his department. Not surprisingly, Mazón has placed Camarero as second vice president as a counterweight to Vicente Barrera, who will be the first vice president of the Generalitat for Vox. Moreover, she will have the portfolio of Social Services, Equality and Housing, in addition to serving as secretary of the Consell. In other words, she will also be in charge of coordinating all the directors.

The sources consulted specified that, therefore, the political position on gender violence will be set by Camarero and, consequently, the PP. In fact, in her first public intervention as second vice president after the transfer of portfolios, Camarero made it clear that the "fight against gender violence" will be among her "priorities". And, in case anyone has any doubts, he made clear what his political trajectory is: he was rapporteur of the Law against gender violence in the Congress of Deputies and worked for the first State Pact in this matter. "Much remains to be done," he insisted.

Justice, however, will be responsible for the provision of resources to the courts of gender violence. However, prevention policies and the office of attention to victims of gender violence will depend on the second Vice Presidency, and this will be reflected in the regulations of organization of the ministries.

In the PP it is assumed that there may be friction in the coexistence with Vox, as in reality there were already between PSOE and Compromís in the previous legislature. And for the same reason, because former Vice President Mónica Oltra also confronted the former Minister of Justice Gabriela Bravo for the competences precisely of gender violence and, in particular, for the office of attention to victims.


The first meeting of the plenary session of the Consell will be held precisely this Friday to advance in the concretion of the structure and the organization chart of the new Consell. According to Mazón, the regional secretariats and undersecretaries of the ministries will go from 55 to 46 in this legislature. It is estimated that this will mean an annual saving of about 800,000 euros. It is what the PP has come to call "political fat".

Of course, according to the decree of the Presidency published late yesterday in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat, it is the departments of Vox (Culture, Agriculture and Justice) that suffer the most from the cut of regional secretariats. Culture will only have one and Justice two (the second will be Emergencies), but Agriculture will bring together in one, in addition to this matter, Livestock and Fisheries.

"We continue in this phase of optimization and reduction of political spending, starting with politicians, and we will continue with the structure, with occasional, with advisors and with general directors next week," said the president of the Generalitat. In addition, the Valencian Government plans to approve tax saving measures for citizens as soon as possible.

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