The drama was documented on film and and pictures of Nedal Niksic and his son.

The Bergagården retirement home is connected to an apartment building. The man is believed to have entered the window via a door between the nursing home and the stairwell.

In the clip, you can see how the man balances on a ledge next to the house façade.

Pressed the man's alarm

It wasn't until Nedal Niksic pressed the man's alarm on his wrist that staff at the nursing home discovered he was missing. According to the staff report, staff at the ward were busy adding another resident when the drama unfolded.

"It's terribly sad. We really don't want this kind of thing to happen. We are treating it as a serious deviation and will investigate it according to Lex Sarah, says Sofia Persson, operations manager for elderly care in Eslöv municipality.

Nedal Niksic is struck by the incident. He says that it is not the first time he has helped residents at Bergagården who have been lost. Just a month ago, he saw an old man standing with a phone in his hand outside the neighboring house where Nedal Niksic lives.

"I knew something was wrong. I picked up the phone. It was the man's son who called. He said, "Help me find my dad." I said he's with me," Nedal Niksic said.

Not adapted for people with dementia

Bergagården is not a dementia home. But according to staff, who wish to remain anonymous, there are many dementia sufferers living there. According to the staff, the staff is not adapted for dementia sufferers and in addition, according to the law, a nursing home may not have locked doors that a dementia home may have.

Sofia Persson confirms that dementia sufferers live in the municipality's nursing homes, but claims that Eslöv does not differ from other municipalities in the country on this point. Eslöv only has one dementia home and that is not enough to cover the need.

"With an aging population, there will also be more people with dementia. We meet this need in our other housing with a general focus, says Sofia Persson.