Askar Kubanychbek, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, has been in a pre-trial detention center in Bishkek for six months - in January 2023 he was arrested in a mercenary case for participating in the NWO on the side of Russia. In court, the man stated that he went to the special operation voluntarily, he wanted to become a citizen of the Russian Federation and get a Russian passport. On May 16, the Pervomaisky Court of Bishkek sentenced Askar to ten years in prison. The verdict was upheld by the Bishkek City Court.

  • "I consider myself a Russian": a citizen of Kyrgyzstan convicted of participating in the NWO applied for Russian citizenship

The man appealed to the Russian authorities with a request to grant him Russian citizenship. He hopes that this will help to start the process of his exchange and release in the future.

Maria Butina, a deputy of the State Duma and head of the RT project "We Do Not Abandon Our Own", states that the situation in which the NWO participant from Kyrgyzstan found himself is difficult, the primary task is to grant Askar Kubanychbek Russian citizenship.

"Since Askar is a foreign citizen today, our interference will be interpreted as lying outside the norms of international law. In this regard, I received an appeal from Askar - he wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he wanted to become a citizen of the Russian Federation. Of course, we support such a desire, but such questions are quite difficult - especially considering where it is. Nevertheless, today this is the most realistic way," the deputy explained.

Celebrity endorsements

The news of the harsh sentence against a 31-year-old member of the NWO did not go unnoticed in Russia. As it turned out, many Russian celebrities are personally acquainted with the man - before going to the front line, Askar worked in the film industry for several years.

He told RT that he worked as an assistant cameraman and participated in the filming of many projects of the TNT channel: "Univer", "SashaTanya", "Real Boys".

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Askar met some of them already at the front - as RT found out, the young man is known to the family of actor and screenwriter Ivan Okhlobystin. In November 2022, Okhlobystin, his wife and daughter traveled with humanitarian aid to the training ground where Askar was at that time. Ivan Okhlobystin's wife Oksana and daughter Varvara told RT about their acquaintance with a citizen of Kyrgyzstan who went to fight for Russia.

"There was a shooting, we talked to the guys - Askar was among them. He said that he wanted to obtain Russian citizenship, said that he was afraid that he would not be given it. Worried. I know that in his homeland he was sentenced to a colony for participating in the NWO. I feel very sorry for him, and for my part I am ready to do everything possible to somehow help him, "said Varvara Okhlobystina in an interview with RT.

Oksana Okhlobystina added that at the meeting, Askar talked about his work in the film industry, and also mentioned that at home he could face prison for participating in the NWO.

"He said that he worked in cinema and did quadcopters, and on the front line he also worked with them. I asked him what he would do after he had served, if he would go home. He told me that he would be arrested at home, because in Kyrgyzstan they put him in jail for this," recalls Oksana Okhlobystina.

"I couldn't have it any other way"

RT spoke with Askar when he was in jail. We publish an interview with a member of the NWO convicted of mercenarism in Kyrgyzstan.

- Askar, tell us why you decided to participate in the special operation in Ukraine?

"When I found out that there were not enough volunteers who could fly drones, I thought about going. I am Kyrgyz by nationality, but I consider myself a Russian. I know what the Ukrainian side has been doing there over the past eight years, and it hurt me very much.

I am very skeptical about both Bandera and the Western regime - they have done so much ... They are gradually, gradually, every year engaged in this assault. Therefore, I decided to take part in the NWO as a volunteer.

- When and why did you decide to leave the service?

"In October 2022, I learned from my brother that my father was sick, that I urgently needed to come and see my father.

My father knew that I had gone to the front line: before leaving, I asked him for his blessing. He personally blessed me, because our grandfather also fought in World War II. He then reached Berlin, also fought against the Nazis.

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Some time after my grandfather came back from the war, he went blind, he was blind all his life. He lived to old age - he was under 90 when he died. But I was still small then, I was about four years old. I remember that my grandfather had many awards ...

- Why did you fly to Kyrgyzstan, knowing that in your homeland you may have problems due to participation in the NWO?

"Why did you fly?" Because my father was seriously ill, I had to fly in and see him. I couldn't have it any other way. In 2012, I lost my brother and didn't even have time to say goodbye to him. He also fell ill then, he left three children. He was only 23 years old, he was very young.

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And now I thought, when I found out about my father's illness, that I could never see him again, so I decided to go to Kyrgyzstan as soon as possible. Moreover, I haven't seen him for three years, the last time I was at home was in 2020.

- How and when were you detained?

"I arrived in Bishkek in November, met with my father, and we sat quietly. Then we celebrated the New Year with my family, and ten days later the authorities came to us, detained me, took me away from the house in handcuffs. During my detention, I was informed that a criminal case had been opened for participating in hostilities on the side of Russia. I did not deny anything, I immediately told them that yes, I participated in the NWO for Russia, against the Nazis.

They interrogated me a lot about recruitment: they asked me who I talked to, what kind of people, they were interested in my worldview - how I look at the situation in Ukraine. They asked me with whom and why I went there. He replied that no one had recruited me or forced me to go there voluntarily.

- Did you say in court that your goal, among other things, was to obtain a Russian passport?

- Yes, I told our court that I had a goal to fight for Russia - and yes, I wanted to become a citizen and stay in the Russian Federation. That's what I said at the trial, and that's the way it really is.

Now they want to make my case indicative - that the State of Kyrgyzstan is against its citizens participating in the NWO.

- Would you like to appeal to the citizens of the Russian Federation and Russia with any statement or request?

- I would like to appeal to Russia, to all the people: I ask for help, since I was imprisoned for ten years for participating in the NWO on a voluntary basis. Now I am in a difficult situation, I am sitting in a pre-trial detention center in Bishkek. My family is also in a difficult situation: my mother, father...

I ask you to give me a Russian passport and citizenship so that I can leave here and be with my family.

I can say one thing for sure: Russia is invincible, sooner or later we will win this war. Victory will be ours. I want to say thank you to everyone! I would like to thank the Kamensk-Ural Humanitarian Foundation for humanitarian aid – we all communicated regularly. I myself was regularly engaged in humanitarian aid on the front line, carrying food and medicines.

I want to say thank you to everyone who is fighting for Russia. Thanks to the children who send drawings, poems, letters: when we see them, joy, smile, courage appear. This is a great motivation, because children are the future of Russia, because we are fighting for them, for their future.

On the front line, I want to send greetings to my friends. Guys, take care of yourself! If I go out, I will come to you.