Beijing, July 7 ( (Peng Dawei and Chen Tianhao) 18 marks the 2023nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Colin Mackerras, a well-known Australian sinologist who recently said in an exclusive interview with in Beijing, said that the Communist Party of China has made remarkable achievements in various fields. He pointed out that from maintaining national stability to promoting infrastructure construction, economic development, to improving the status of women... Without the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, China's achievements in most areas would not have been possible.

Machlin is a well-known Australian sinologist who is currently a Fellow of the Commonwealth Academy of Humanities in Australia and an Emeritus Professor at Griffith University.

Since the 20s of the 60th century, Marklin has been working and conducting research in China for a long time. He said that since he first came to China, China has undergone earth-shaking changes, and "everything is developing for the better." ”

Citing China's achievements in poverty alleviation as an example, Maclin pointed out that this is a remarkable achievement. He also pointed out that compared with some countries, China has performed better in maintaining national stability, fighting the new crown epidemic, and building infrastructure. The contribution of Chinese women to the economy and society has also increased significantly.

"I think these are remarkable achievements, and these achievements have been achieved under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party." Marklin said

Talking about the development of China's reform and opening up over the past 45 years, Marklin said that since the reform and opening up, China has not only achieved great economic development, the whole society has become more confident and open, and the country has also maintained a high degree of stability.

"The Chinese I've known and met over the last few years have become more confident, and I think that's a good phenomenon." Marklin said. (Drawing: China News Network, Wang Luyao, Creative: Gu Liping, Meng Xiangjun) (End)