Xining, July 7 (Zhongxin Net) -- The main stream of the Yellow River in Qinghai is 13,1694 kilometers long, accounting for 31% of the total length of the Yellow River, and the average annual outbound water volume has reached 264.3 billion cubic meters, accounting for 49.4% of the runoff of the entire river basin.

The reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Water Resources Department on the 13th that since the first provincial joint meeting of river and lake chiefs in the Yellow River Basin was held, as the source province of the Yellow River, Qinghai Province has promoted the construction of happy rivers and lakes with strict water shoreline control, ensuring the safety of river flooding, strengthening the protection of water resources, improving the quality of the water environment, promoting water ecological restoration, and promoting high-quality development, and promoting the province's river and lake chief system work "famous", "real", "capable" and "effective".

At present, Qinghai has fully completed the rectification of the 2021 Yellow River warning film feedback, the "four chaos" of inland rivers and lakes, and obstruction of river flooding, while highlighting key rivers and lakes such as the Yellow River, Huangshui, Datong River, and Qinghai Lake, implementing comprehensive soil erosion control, ecological protection and restoration, strengthening the zoning management and use control of water shorelines, and deepening comprehensive pollution prevention and control. The water quality of the main stream of the Yellow River has reached Class II. and above, and the outbound water volume in 2022 will be 285.56 billion cubic meters, an increase of 264.3% over the multi-year average (8.04 billion cubic meters).

Qinghai Province has promoted deep water conservation and water control projects in the Yellow River Basin and restricted high water consumption, and created 19 counties with water-saving social standards and 819 water-saving units of provincial-level public institutions. Carry out special rectification and rectification and improvement of water intake management, comprehensively verify and register 4528,1348 water intakes, achieve full coverage of planned water management of <>,<> water use units, and make water intake management more standardized.

Focusing on the long-term stability of the Yellow River, Qinghai has prevented and resolved many short-duration and heavy rainfall dangers. Promote the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan for Water Security in Qinghai Province" and the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Prevention and Control of Flash Flood Disasters in Qinghai Province", restore the natural authenticity of the source water system of the Yellow River, comprehensively control river channels, promote the reinforcement of dangerous reservoirs and silt dams, and continuously improve the flood control engineering system. Normalized investigation and rectification of problems that hinder river flooding to ensure flood safety.

In addition, Qinghai Province has officially formulated and implemented the "Ecological Protection and High-quality Development Plan for the Yellow River and Qinghai Basin", with the goal of building "four regions" for industry, and adheres to the road of high-quality development that is compatible with the carrying capacity of water resources and has Qinghai characteristics. Focusing on building a national clean energy industry highland, giving full play to the advantages of rich light, abundant water and good wind, the installed scale of clean energy has reached more than 90% of the total installed capacity in the province, always maintaining a leading position in the country; Focusing on building a green and organic agricultural and livestock product export area, promoting the quality and upgrading of agriculture and animal husbandry, it has become the largest production base of organic livestock products, organic goji berries and cold-water fish in China, and further exerted the unique advantages of excellent agricultural and animal husbandry resources.

The person in charge of the relevant department of the Qinghai Provincial Water Resources Department said that the protection and governance of rivers and lakes has a long way to go, and Qinghai will correctly handle the relationship between protection and development, development and security, and region and river basin, and jointly grasp the great protection and coordinate to promote the great governance. (End)