Many neighbors and businesses in the area of Serrano Street, Goya and surroundings have been without internet since this noon because of a breakdown of the Movistar company caused by a power cut. Several stores in that commercial axis have placed signs on the doors indicating that you can only pay in cash. The setbacks are also affecting several pharmacies and even the ATMs themselves where you can not withdraw cash. According to Movistar the problem has been solved about 19.00 hours.

"You can't pay with cards, as the dataphones don't work. And the problem is that people go to ATMs and you can not withdraw money either, "said this afternoon the employee of a department store on Serrano Street.

In the street of Hermosilla there are also several affected stores and there are also pharmacies that can not dispense medicines because their terminal does not work.

The breakdown has meant the virtual paralysis of many activities in some companies in the area where they can not connect to the internet.

From Movistar they assure that the affectation is not massive and that it is due to a problem outside the company itself. They add that due to an electricity supply problem they are having problems with the signal in a certain area of the capital.

Nor does the telephone of the affected businesses and neighbors work, where it has been commented that the failure is due to a problem in a telephone antenna in the area.

Eduardo Zamacola, vice president of Ceim, has indicated that dozens of businesses in the Salamanca neighborhood are affected by the breakdown. "It's been a day of a lot of problems for stores. They are open, but they can hardly work. People do not carry cash and these are days of many losses," according to Zamacola. "This is the problem of digitalization and that they are trying to trivialize cash payment," added this representative of the employers, who is also the president of the textile trade companies in the area. "We have many affected and many complaints from partners who do not understand that it takes so long to fix an issue like this."

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