Meta's Threads app has broken records since its launch on July 2023, 100, attracting more than <> million users in less than a week, and becoming the fastest growing app ever.

Despite its rapid spread and popularity, a problem was common among some iPhone users who complained about the drain of their phones' batteries, so they took to social networks to express their frustrations after noticing the impact of the application on battery life.

One Twitter user asked followers if they were draining iPhone batteries when using Threads.

Is Threads a drain on the iphone battery or did something change with the iphones lately? I'm not on the app hardly at all but lately my battery is draining way more than normal.

— Michelle (@BBnTagGames) July 10, 2023

Another user said in a tweet, "The battery doesn't lie," attaching a screenshot showing the amount of power consumption of all the apps running on his phone, and it appeared that the Thread app consumes 53% of the battery.

Batteries never lie 👀 #Threads

— Mepusica (@mepusica) July 6, 2023

Possible reasons

While the exact cause of battery drain remains unclear, one possible explanation could be in a process called "negative testing," according to Jackie Moore, a cybersecurity expert at ESSET.

According to Moore, developers use negative testing to understand more about the app and how users interact with it, with the aim of analyzing the app's response to incorrect entries.

This helps developers improve application functionality and measure load speed under conditions where batteries are decreasing faster than usual.

Some iPhone users complained about low battery levels after downloading the Threads app (Getty Images)

How can you solve the problem?

For Threads users who have noticed that their batteries are running out faster than usual, there are steps you can take to reduce this issue:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General.
  • Tap Update app in the background and stop it.

These steps prevent apps from checking for updates and new content when they're not in active use, reducing battery drain.

Despite the rapid rise in popularity of Threads, and its superiority even over Twitter in user growth, the new Meta product faces a number of challenges related to the battery issue and the integration of other required features, such as the desktop interface and the classification of posts according to schedule.

But despite these challenges, the rapid rise of Threads cannot be ignored, as Meta responds to user feedback and continues to improve the app, and we are sure to see more developments in the app's work.