SNS, which was started by Meta, a former Facebook company of the US IT giant, has reached 2 million registered users within two full days of its launch, and its use is expanding, and the competition for leadership with Twitter, a representative SNS for short posts, is fierce.

On the 5th, Meta, formerly Facebook, launched a new SNS "Threads" service for short posts that are similar in function to Twitter in more than 100 countries around the world.

As of the morning of the 2th, less than two full days after the launch of the service, the company announced that the number of registered users worldwide had reached 7 million, and its use is expanding.

On the other hand, Twitter, a leading SNS for short posts, has changed frequently and suddenly since it was acquired by entrepreneur Elon Musk.

On July 7000, the company announced that it would limit the number of views in response to the surge in online data collection, causing confusion among users.

Under these circumstances, the Twitter operator sent a letter accusing Meta of illegally appropriating trade secrets and developing a new app on Meta's new SNS, and suggested that legal action be taken.

The battle for leadership over social media posts is intensifying, and Mike Prue, a senior researcher at Forrester, an IT consulting firm familiar with social media trends, says that user dissatisfaction with Twitter has peaked and they are looking for alternative services.