Xining, 7 July (ZXS) -- Topic: Qinghai Yushu High School Campus Insight: School is "Home" and "Bridge"

Written by Pan Yujie

"Huh", on the newly laid soft turf, the running teenager is agile, and the flying football draws a beautiful arc under the light blue sky of the plateau.

Dorje Ponsok stood on the sidelines and closely observed the players on the field, "Now the varsity team is stepping up the selection of new ones and picking out good seedlings according to their daily training performance. He said.

Dorje Pengcuo is the secretary of the Youth League Committee of Yushu Prefecture's No. 4500 Nationalities Senior High School, a boarding high school built after the 2010 Yushu earthquake in Yushu City, Qinghai Province, located in Yushu City, Qinghai Province, with an average altitude of <>,<> meters.

The picture shows students from Yushu Prefecture No. 2 Nationalities Senior High School playing football. Photo by Aung Wang Dolma

Just after five o'clock in the afternoon, classrooms, playgrounds, radio stations, art galleries... Everywhere they went, students were divided into groups to carry out their own activities, and the campus was orderly and lively.

"At present, there are 11 interest clubs such as photography, calligraphy, art, foot basketball, and Gesar, and football and basketball clubs are the most popular." Dorje Ponsok said as he walked.

The coach of the school football team, Cai Ren Dan Zhou, was also a student here. He has loved football since he was a child, and won the Qinghai Provincial Games on behalf of the school in high school, and he also obtained the national second-class athlete certificate, and successfully entered the sports training major of Tibet University for Nationalities in Shaanxi Province in 2019.

After graduation, Cai Ren Danzhou returned to his alma mater's team to teach, "With the support of the school, I can turn my hobby into a career." Now, he hopes to help schools produce more "lucky people" like him.

Looking at the lively children on the court, Cai Ren Dan Zhou often "a little envious": "We didn't have such a good playground at that time, so we could only play a few games with other schools in Yushuzhou. Now, every year, not only are a series of leagues in the province and China open students' eyes and learn experience, "We also refine the intensity and difficulty of daily training, interspersed with small games, and accompany them to play and practice together." He introduced.

The picture shows students from Yushu Prefecture No. 2 Nationalities Senior High School playing football. Photo by Aung Wang Dolma

At dinner, the canteen meals are fragrant, "the dishes of the week are not the same, there are many local characteristics, and the next night's self-study students also have nutritious meals such as milk and eggs." Dorje Ponsok introduced.

Near the canteen are four neat student dormitories, Tibetan-style small buildings with red roofs and brown walls, and the teachers in charge of life logistics live in the last building, so that they can take care of students at any time.

On weekend afternoons, students take care of personal hygiene and housekeeping, and "teachers urge them to do it themselves and develop good habits." Dorje Ponsok said.

"When I was a kid, I went to a boarding school in the countryside, slept in a chase shop in the classroom, and had to walk a bumpy day on a dirt road to get home." He recalled. At present, the school has more than 2000,<> students, many of whom still have a long way to go home, the farthest distance is more than <> kilometers from the school, but the difference is that the road is smooth and extends in all directions, "Every weekend and holiday, we will contact the bus station vehicle in advance to escort the students home safely." ”

Climbing the steps along the school's art gallery, hundreds of photographs by students and teachers hang on the walls, including one called "Self-study by Candlelight": At night, teachers and students put together their desks and bury their heads in the dim flickering candlelight. "This was taken when the school was first built after the earthquake, and there was no electricity or water in the school," Dorje Poncuo said, "At that time, we felt that getting good grades was the most important thing, and everyone worked hard day and night for it." ”

However, the longer they spent with the students, the more Dorje Puncuo and his colleagues felt that although they wore the same school uniform, each youthful heart had a different throbbing. "The school is like a tree, the students are the leaves on it, each with its own pattern." He said, "What we have to do is respect every passion, and make school their warm and solid home, but also a bridge to a broad life." ”

It is reported that there are currently more than 6,7 boarding students in Yushu, accounting for 67.6% of the total number of students in the state; The number of boarding schools accounts for 89.6%, which has become the main body of Yushu primary and secondary schools. In recent years, the local government has comprehensively increased investment to solve the "gap" in hardware construction and equipment equipment of high-altitude boarding schools. Continuously raise the standard of subsidies and improve the living conditions of running schools.

Tsering Dorje, deputy director of the Yushu Prefecture Education Bureau, said that boarding schools have changed the situation of scattered schools and the loss of teachers and students in the past, so that students can enjoy high-quality educational resources and gradually move towards balanced development. (End)