Text/Zhang Wenhui

Singer Li Min died at home due to long-term depression, and finally died on July 7 at the age of 5.

As soon as the news came out, many people were in disbelief. The public's impression of Li Min is mostly "sunny and cheerful". "Tell me it's fake" topic words, so netizens are on top of the hot search.

They also lived with all their might, but they really couldn't hold on

With the strengthening of science popularization by all parties in recent years, I believe that everyone is no stranger to depression. As the "first psychological killer", depression makes most patients depressed, deeply in pain, and severe cases will go to suicide.

The accelerated pace of life, the increase in various pressures, and even empty nesters may fall ill due to lack of companionship and increased illness. Winning the battle is indeed a difficult process.

"I'm depressed" and "I'm emo", this phrase is often heard in daily life, but not only depressed people are sick, there is also a type of depression called: smile depression.

Laughter is just their "protective color", and they habitually show their cheerful and happy side to everyone. Some surveys have found that "smile depression" mostly occurs in Kochi people and urban white-collar workers.

This type of people due to "the need for work", "the need for face", "the need for etiquette", etc., although they smile every day, but they are not true feelings in their hearts, when "smile" becomes a burden, real emotions can not be released, and over time it becomes emotional depression, a vicious circle.

Because of this, smile depression is very insidious and difficult to detect.

I believe that every depressed person who lives is not that he does not cherish life, and they have also tried their best to live, but they really can't hold on.

If you find that your family and friends are in a low mood, unhappy, unhappy, and have become different from before, and for a period of time, be sure to listen and encourage him to seek medical attention in time. Family and social support, which can provide emotional support and security, is important for recovery.

There are four major misunderstandings about depression among the public

Wang Gang, president of Beijing Anding Hospital, previously reminded in an interview with China News Agency that there are four major misunderstandings in the public's understanding of depression.

First: If you feel sick, can you identify whether you are sick based on the questionnaire circulating on the Internet?

Wang Gang: Now there are various versions of "how to identify depression for yourself" circulating on the Internet, which is actually not very reliable, and the diagnosis of depression must be professional.

If the mood is in a low state, unhappy, unhappy, becomes different from before, and almost every day, for more than two weeks, it is time to seek medical attention. As for screening for diagnosis, that's a matter for professional doctors. Of course, there are some of the onset of depression, the mood may not be low, first based on physical symptoms, that is, the so-called hidden depression, but this relative proportion is not high, so first solve the most common problems, those bizarre subtypes of depression, to the doctor to treat.

Second: To find depression to see a psychotherapist?

Wang Gang: For patients with depression, the first thing to emphasize is that they should see a psychiatrist, not a psychological counselor or psychotherapist. In China, the vast majority of psychological counselors and therapists do not have any medical background, let alone psychiatric background, and they cannot accurately identify whether it is a disease state.

Depression is a mental illness, a mental disorder, and a major mental disorder. Don't just see it as an emotional issue.

Third: Can any hospital psychiatric department treat depression?

Wang Gang: At present, the psychology and psychosomatic departments of most general hospitals in China are actually neurologists, not psychiatrists. People with depression must go to a psychiatric hospital.

Fourth: Can depression be cured?

Wang Gang: When we generally say clinical cure, it means that the symptom disappears completely or mostly disappears, and it also includes the overall recovery of social functions on this basis; And many people understand that the cure is the cure.

It is not difficult for patients with depression to undergo comprehensive treatment and obtain a clinical cure. Most return to the level of social functioning before onset. However, after the patient is clinically cured, it may relapse in the future, and the recurrence must be treated again. Especially when you feel that you may be about to relapse, you should seek medical attention in time to start a new treatment. So the relapse itself is not terrible, the key is to standardize the treatment as early as possible.