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Wireless headphones have become essential accessories to listen to music, podcasts, wherever you are, with maximum comfort. And a quality of listening at the top! You still have to choose the right model... On the market, Samsung's Galaxy Buds have established themselves as one of the references. Discover our buying guide.


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Samsung isn't just the champion of the smartphone market. Over time, great advances in R&D and some strategic purchases such as that of Harman-Kardon, the Korean has simply become a new reference in the world of soundbars and especially True-Wireless headphones. Designed to accompany the Galaxy smartphone family, the Galaxy Buds include three models that have brought a breath of fresh air to their market by their quality. In addition to sound, noise reduction is one of the most worked aspects by Samsung, in addition to interactions with its entire ecosystem. We have patiently tested, retested these headphones for weeks, to give you our opinion on the three Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless headphones. The Samsung brand is not related to this content.


  • Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, for those who want to get closer to perfection
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds2, for those who aim for the best value for money
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, for those looking for quality and style

Our opinion on Samsung's 3 Galaxy Buds wireless headphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, for those who want to get closer to perfection

With the first Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung had demonstrated its technical mastery, but was still a little behind the best on the market. With this second version, the Korean gives a lesson to the whole audio planet! Thus, in addition to being discreet, light (5.5 g the earpiece) and very aesthetic, these headphones offer a very nice grip to the ear. These in-ears will be able to pair in Bluetooth 5.3 automatically with Galaxy smartphones and manually with all other brands. The app is complete and serves all Samsung connected products, even refrigerators! The sound reproduction offers us a very nice balance with very deep bass, controlled mids and treble that know how to take off at the right time. We have a dynamic of great quality, precision that benefits in addition to an exceptional soundstage. The noise reduction is very effective, to summarize one of the best on the market. Its only real weak point is the hands-free kit, but this is common to the majority of products of this type. Finally, count on a battery life of about 12 to 16 hours. Its very compact case allows two to three refills.


Samsung Galaxy Buds2, for those who aim for the best value for money

True-wireless under 100 euros can be of quality, but are often well behind products costing from 100 to 150 euros. So when we tested these Samsung Galaxy Buds2, we were pleasantly surprised. Aesthetically already with a very attractive rounded design, which also offers effective sensory control. Bluetooth 5.2 offers excellent connection quality and pairing is automatic with Samsung smartphones and tablets. Once in the ears, we were seduced by the comfort and stability in the ear, especially since each earpiece does not exceed 5 g. The sound performances are very precise, with a beautiful sound and a dynamic of very beautiful hold. There is a search for balance, which some might find a little excessive, but which ensures a listening that should satisfy the greatest number. Only the bass is a bit behind, but we are looking here for the little beast. Noise reduction is in the upper average and proves to be more effective than the majority of the competition at this price level. We measured an autonomy that ranges from 4 to 5 hours and the case ensures at least 2 charges.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, for those looking for quality and style

These headphones amaze with their bean-shaped design and the absence of a tip. In use, they simply slip into the ear, settling in the valleys formed by our auricular. It's a little destabilizing at first, but very quickly we realize that we have a good hold to the ear. You really have to have a strong sweat or run intensely for them to start slipping... The sound reproduction is of high quality, with especially bass that know how to take its momentum for maximum impact. The treble and midrange are more balanced, knowing how to position themselves well in front of the bass. The accuracy is not always optimal, but its wide soundstage catches up with the thing. In terms of noise reduction, it is rather discreet here. Enough to fill the soft noise of the rail, but not that of traffic or the hubbub of an open-space. As for autonomy, these Buds Live will occupy your eardrums from 6 to 7:30 and their case allows 2 to 3 recharges.


How to choose your Samsung GalaxyBuds wireless headphones?

The majority of the Galaxy Buds range consists of in-ears, only Buds Live are an exception to the rule. So, if you don't like having ear tips, you already know which models to avoid. They all use Bluetooth at least 5 and 5.3 for Buds2 Pro. The sound quality is good throughout the range, but it is the products over 100 euros that offer the most "audiophile" rendering. Ditto with the noise reduction, exceptional on the Buds2 Pro, excellent with the Buds2 and more discreet for the Buds Live. With an average of 5 to 5.5 g, the whole family has minimal weight and space. If you plan to invest, remember to look at the promotions that are regularly made with: packs with the new Galaxy smartphones allow you to have them at a reduced price.

How to connect Samsung wireless headphones to your device?

Samsung like the majority of major manufacturers offers us two solutions to connect its wireless earbuds. The most classic is manual pairing. Simply press the pairing button on the headset for several seconds, until the Bluetooth LED flashes. On your device you only have to access the Bluetooth settings to make the connection. If you have a smartphone, a Galaxy tablet, then just open the charging case for the headphones to be detected. The pairing is then done automatically, you have nothing more to do. If your Glaxy Buds offer multipoint connection, you will have to repeat the operation for each.

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