Alexis Delafontaine / Photo credit: XOSE BOUZAS / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 09:40, 03 July 2023

From Monday, and in a very tense context related to the riots, the Justice bill will be debated in the National Assembly. With a focus on the recruitment of judicial and prison staff. But the right-wing MPs intend to impose their line.

Coincidentally, in the midst of the sequence of riots, the Justice bill is debated today in the hemicycle at the National Assembly. Both texts under review focus on the recruitment of judicial and prison staff. But in the eyes of the left-wing opposition, these advances are insufficient and ill-defined. The right, in a position of strength, intends to impose its line.

"No shallot race behind the RN," says an LR deputy

"Events prove us right," claim the Republicans. Eric Ciotti's group wants to rely on current events to force the government to give in on certain measures, such as the construction of new prison places or closed educational centers for minors. "Will the majority dare to vote against it while miners burn town halls?" asked a right-wing deputy. But, on the subject of justice, the National Rally will also try to impose its line.

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For LR MP Ian Boucard, a happy medium must be found. "The question for us is not to be the most radical. The proposals we are making are proposals to be effective, so that justice is better served in our country, so that it is less lax and so that there are fewer security problems for the French people. We are not racing for shallots behind the National Rally," he said.

Indeed, the Republicans welcomed part of this reform presented by Eric Dupond-Moretti. The Keeper of the Seals, expected at the turn this Monday by the deputies, was pleased to have obtained "an unprecedented budget that puts an end to 30 years of abandonment of justice".