• Pacts Vara, on the agreement between PP and Vox in Extremadura: "It is a pact between losers, but the transfer of powers will be exemplary"
  • PP and Vox agreement to govern Extremadura: those of Abascal will have a Ministry and Guardiola says that his word "is not as important as the future of Extremadura"

Once the agreement with Vox for her investiture is sealed, María Guardiola tries to recover the agenda of the Popular Party of Extremadura, which jumped through the air after the last two most convulsive weeks that were about to dynamite not only her investiture as the first woman in history who will reach the presidency of the Junta de Extremadura but also her continuity at the head of the regional leadership of this party.

And the first decision that Guardiola has taken to return to a certain normality is to recover the conclave that he had planned last Tuesday afternoon, "extraordinary and open", where he sought the support of the party officials and also give explanations about the rupture of negotiations that, at that time, existed with Vox for governability in Extremadura. However, and as EL MUNDO advanced, late on Sunday he sent a letter where he urgently called off the Autonomous Board of Directors and the "extraordinary and open" Executive Committee. In that letter he already lowers the aggressive tone he had maintained with the party of Santiago Abascal in recent months, and especially after losing the Bureau of the Assembly and advocated reaching an agreement with this formation, an issue that he would finally achieve four days later.

In this way, and with the way already clear for his investiture, Guardiola has called this meeting again for tomorrow Monday at 20.00 hours in a hotel in the city of Merida. The summons is summoned in the same way as in the previous week, as it also has an "extraordinary" character to candidates, proxies, auditors and militants. The agenda establishes the intervention of the provincial president of Cáceres, Laureano León; from Badajoz, Manolo Naharro; the regional general secretary, Abel Bautista; and to close, the intervention of María Guardiola. Then there will be a turn of prayers and questions.

This Monday the president of the Assembly, the socialist Blanca Martín, is expected to announce the official decision she will take regarding the double investiture session scheduled for Guillermo Fernández Vara for next Wednesday and Thursday. The acting president of the Board has transferred in it the responsibility for the cancellation of the same after officially knowing the agreement between the Popular Party and Vox, so now he would have to convene a second round of meetings with the presidents of the parliamentary groups to make official the dates of the investiture of María Guardiola as the new president of the Junta de Extremadura.

Vara's reaction

Guillermo Fernández Vara himself yesterday described the agreement between PP and Vox as a "pact between losers", although he also qualified later that this agreement is "legitimate", in addition to confirming that "I can assure, without any doubt, that it will be an absolutely exemplary transition of powers" and so it has been transferred to both María Guardiola and Ángel Pelayo Gordillo"I have it absolutely clear" because, he added, "there is no room for a convinced democrat like me to do anything but respect him."

For the socialist baron, the pact to "throw the PSOE out of government" may "not be ethical, or aesthetic, or it may mean missing the word, but it is legitimate and a democrat like me has to respect it."

Guillermo Fernández Vara explained that this transition will be favored, in his opinion, because "this is a good moment in which Extremadura is", and in that sense he stressed that "we are with half of the unemployed than there were eight years ago", also that "we have been the region of Spain in which school failure has fallen the most", or that "the financial situation of the region is good: we have gone from having a deficit of 600 million euros to practically balanced budgets".

That is why the acting president affirms that "it is an absolutely different situation from the one I found when I arrived, and I leave with that tranquility of duty fulfilled, with a clear conscience and with clean hands."

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