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The mother of Nahel, the 17-year-old boy killed Tuesday after a refusal to comply in Nanterre, spoke before the white march in tribute to her son. Mounia M. says he resents "the one who took the life of my son", but "not the police", in an interview broadcast on France 5.

"I don't blame the police, I blame one person: the one who took my son's life," Mounia M., the mother of Nahel, who was killed by a policeman in Nanterre after refusing to comply, said in an interview broadcast Thursday night on France 5. "I have police friends, they are wholeheartedly with me (...). They don't agree with what he did," Mounia M. said on the show C à vous, as urban violence erupted all over France since the death of her only son.

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Mounia M. hopes justice will be "really firm" against the policeman

"He didn't have to kill my son, there were other ways to do it. A bullet? So close to his torso? No, I can't imagine that (...). There are other ways to get them out (of the vehicle, editor's note). Killing cubs like that... How long will it last? How many more children will leave?" she said for her first long speech since the tragedy.

The policeman "saw a head of an Arab, a little kid, he wanted to take his life," she also said in this interview recorded Thursday morning, before the white march in the afternoon in Nanterre. Mounia M. also said she hoped that justice "is really firm" against the policeman. "Not six months and then he's out," she adds. Since that interview, the police officer has been charged and remanded in custody.