From 2024, the subject "The Basis of Security and Protection of the Motherland" will appear in Russian schools, said Anna Timofeeva, Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy and Management in the Field of General Education of the Ministry of Education, in the State Duma at a round table on the topic "Life Safety and NVP in the School Curriculum".

"A working group is being formed that will be engaged in the formation of a new federal training program, which will include representatives of the Ministry of Defense and representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, since we understand the importance and complexity of this work," RIA Novosti quoted Timofeeva as saying.

According to her, a new textbook will be prepared in parallel. Along with this, it is planned to adjust state educational standards. As Timofeeva clarified, we are talking about amendments "in terms of both content and substantive results, personal results, because we understand that we must supplement an integral part of patriotic education."

Earlier, the Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov announced the changes in the school curriculum under consideration. In an interview with RIA Novosti, published on June 21, he said that the existing course of the "Fundamentals of Life Safety" should be developed.

Also on the Head of the Ministry of Education Kravtsov: the exploits of the heroes of the special operation will be included in history textbooks

"And we also discussed with the pedagogical community and with teachers, and we see that the guys who fought in the zone of the special military operation - they, like no one else, can come and tell the truth. We are also discussing such a decision now to call it "Fundamentals of Security and Defense of the Motherland," the minister said.

According to the head of the Ministry of Education, basic military training in schools is not an innovation, its elements have always been part of the school curriculum.

At the same time, Kravtsov noted that the modern program of life safety lessons is wider than the initial military training in schools. According to him, it includes the provision of various assistance, a description of man-made and natural disasters that can occur, as well as how schoolchildren act in such situations.

It should be noted that in December 2022, Kravtsov approved a school education program, which included initial military training for life safety and a block on a special operation on history.

'A reasonable balanced solution'

The Federation Council and the State Duma positively assessed the upcoming changes. Lilia Gumerova, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, in an interview with RT, noted that among parents, teachers, teachers, and the public, the issue of a new content of the course "Fundamentals of Life Safety" or the return of initial military training was discussed for a long time.

"In our opinion, this is just a reasonable balanced solution - "The basis of security and protection of the Motherland", which includes a whole range of issues. It will certainly be a system that, on the one hand, will give children the skills of the basics of life safety, but at the same time emphasis will be placed on patriotic education," the senator said.

Gumerova called the decision to introduce the appropriate course timely. She expressed the hope that the subject will take a worthy one in the school curriculum.

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Boris Chernyshov noted that the topic of support and protection of the Motherland today is the most important for the country.

"The main thing is that the renaming of certain courses and directions is not just a change in their names. This should be accompanied by an additional program included in the course of study, "he said in an interview with RT.

According to the parliamentarian, changes of this kind should first of all be discussed with the teaching community of Russia and with the parents of children.

"For them, this issue is most relevant today," the source concluded.