Beijing, June 6 (Reporter Wu Kan Jin Xu) The theme forum of "The Way of High-quality Development of Overseas Chinese Businessmen" at the 29 China-Singapore Finance Mid-Year Conference was held in Beijing on the 2023th, and a number of overseas Chinese businessmen, experts and scholars shared how overseas Chinese businessmen can promote high-quality development and how to integrate into the new development pattern of "big cycle and dual circulation".

Overseas Chinese businessmen and overseas Chinese enterprises are unique resources to promote high-quality development

"At a time when the world economic pattern is constantly and deeply adjusted, China's economy has risen to difficulties and taken solid steps in high-quality development, which also provides rare opportunities and broad space for the majority of overseas Chinese businessmen." Shi Qianping, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Demai International Industry Group, said that as a group of entrepreneurs who integrate traditional Chinese wisdom and modern enterprise management concepts, overseas Chinese businessmen should give full play to their own advantages and contribute to China's high-quality development while achieving enterprise development.

Wu Sa, deputy director of the Economic Research Institute of the China Academy of Macroeconomic Research, pointed out that high-quality development has rich connotations, including modern industrial system, comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization, coordinated regional development, high-level opening up, etc., which requires the participation of the whole society. For a long time, overseas Chinese have played a unique role in China's revolution, construction and reform, and they are also an important part of promoting high-quality development.

Tang Yuan, vice chairman of the China Association for the Promotion of Urbanization and former director of the Research Office of the State Council, said that overseas Chinese businessmen have inherited the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and made important contributions to the economic and social development of all countries in the world, and they have always stood up when the motherland needs it most. "Overseas Chinese businessmen are valuable resources for China's development and can also play an important role in promoting China's high-quality development."

"As an important part of the private economy, overseas Chinese-funded enterprises are a backbone that cannot be ignored in the process of high-quality development of China's economy." Zhao Yong, director and president of Fuhua International Group, an overseas Chinese-funded enterprise, said that in recent years, China has based itself on a new stage of development, implemented new development concepts, built a new development pattern, continuously released market vitality and potential, and provided a broader stage for overseas Chinese businessmen. Overseas Chinese businessmen engaged in high-quality development can give full play to their advantages in more fields, carry forward the spirit of overseas Chinese businessmen, contribute to the strength of overseas Chinese businessmen, and highlight the responsibility of overseas Chinese businessmen.

The picture shows the scene of the forum activities. Photo by Li Taiyuan

Transform the advantages of overseas Chinese businessmen into a driving force for high-quality development

Talking about how overseas Chinese businessmen can help high-quality development, Shi Qianping said that first, we should give full play to our own industrial resource advantages, further focus on the real economy, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the development of strategic emerging industries; The second is to give full play to the global network advantages of overseas Chinese enterprises, actively participate in China's intellectual investment attraction activities, actively promote "going out and bringing in", and help consolidate the supply chain, industrial chain and talent chain; Third, we should actively participate in multilateral cooperation such as trade and investment, and deeply integrate into the process of China's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up.

Tang Yuan pointed out that overseas Chinese businessmen and overseas Chinese enterprises can give full play to their advantages in capital, technology, equipment and management experience to deepen the Chinese market, help Chinese enterprises upgrade their industrial structure, and help the development of the digital economy; In the process of Chinese enterprises "going global", overseas Chinese enterprises can adopt third-party consulting and project matchmaking to help domestic enterprises adapt and integrate into local society as soon as possible and reduce investment and trade risks.

In Zhao Yong's view, as an overseas Chinese-funded enterprise, it should resonate with the motherland at the same frequency and develop together. "From investing in Park Hyatt Auckland and actively responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, to the location of the Hengqin Branch of the China Rosewood Museum in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, building a communication platform for promoting the excellent traditional Chinese culture, our business territory has always extended along the national development path. As an important bridge and link between China and foreign countries, overseas Chinese businessmen should promote high-quality development. ”

Actively contribute to the new development pattern of "large circulation and dual circulation"

Talking about how overseas Chinese businessmen can help the new development pattern of "big circulation and dual circulation", Shi Qianping believes that on the one hand, overseas Chinese business enterprises should base themselves on the domestic circulation, actively participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, further tap the potential of domestic demand, adjust the industrial layout, and enhance the ability of independent innovation; On the other hand, Chinese businessmen have the advantage of connecting China and foreign countries, and can strengthen docking and cooperation with relevant enterprises and participate in a higher level of open economy.

Shi Qianping suggested that in the field of international trade, overseas Chinese businessmen can further exert efforts in market segments, and now the service and marketing networks of many overseas market segments are not yet perfect, and overseas Chinese businessmen can give full play to their resource advantages to establish a perfect network. "For example, our group is increasing investment in research and development, talents, markets, etc., and strives to be refined and strong in the field of industrial printing equipment manufacturing, and our domestic equipment such as industrial UV printers and digital textile printing machines have sailed overseas and are recognized by the world."

Long Denggao, director of the Chinese Business Research Center of Tsinghua University, said that high-quality development needs to rely on innovation to promote, and innovation is most prominently reflected in market players, and transnational flows, digital economy and platform economy have created and activated new cross-border market entities, becoming a new force to promote high-quality development. "Cross-border market entities include enterprises founded overseas by overseas Chinese, as well as overseas companies of Chinese enterprises and their transnational operations."

Zhao Yong said that Chinese businessmen have the ability to make good use of domestic and international resources and two markets, which can transform their advantages into a driving force to help the new development pattern of "big cycle and dual circulation", Fuhua International Group actively carries out international cooperation, has acquired Park Hyatt Melbourne and developed and built Park Hyatt Auckland. "In the process of expanding overseas markets, we are committed to giving full play to the advantages of overseas Chinese enterprises' external communication and exchanges, and playing an active role in a higher level of opening up." (End)