• Extremadura The PSOE attacks Guardiola: "He has gone from going from Agustina de Aragón to realizing that he can lose the chair"
  • PP Guardiola rectifies: seeks a government "with respect to Vox" and Abascal sees it "a good step"

The first demand of Vox to sit down again with María Guardiola and agree on a government in Extremadura has already been fulfilled: that the baroness of the PP, now already from a weak position, speak for the first time in her political career of "respect" and "dialogue" towards the formation of Santiago Abascal. His words are for Vox a "rectification" that opens the way again to a possible understanding between both parties to preside over the Board, although the popular demand to govern alone, warns Vox, is already unfeasible.

"Without any doubt we will ask to enter the Government," say Vox sources, satisfied by the swing given by the PP in Extremadura, which significantly changes the story about pacts at the national level. That in his writing on Sunday night Guardiola ignored in an unprecedented way aspects such as the LGTBI law, abortion or the rights of immigrants – unbreakable flags by which he had justified his lack of agreement just six days ago – is already for Vox a "moral victory" that leaves "an open door" to the pact, although they warn: "It is very difficult."

In the letter sent to the militancy on Sunday night, in which he announced the suspension of the Autonomous Board of Directors and Regional Executive Committee convened 72 hours before with extraordinary and open character, Guardiola left open for the first time the hope of an "essential" agreement with Vox, but said party is not going to make it easy. On the contrary. Those of Abascal believe that time has ended up proving them right, since since 28-M they have justified in the attitude of Guardiola, his constant criticism "and lack of respect" to his electorate the total blowing up of the bridges between both formations. And now they feel like winners.

In this way, Vox Extremadura considers that it does not have to move one iota from its initial position – not to vote for a "free investiture" because "it needs our five deputies" – when they sit down again, very hurt even with the press conference "incendiary and where everything jumped through the air" that Guardiola offered as soon as he lost control of the Assembly table: "The scars left by those wounds are still far from healing."

Agriculture and Education

That is, from that position of tactical advantage, "and with the fear of having nothing to lose", Vox will again demand the creation of a coalition government in which at least two ministries have the responsibility: Agriculture and Education. A step back, after starting by demanding three. In addition, they can no longer negotiate any position in the Assembly of Extremadura by letting slip last week the two positions that Guardiola had offered to Vox: the Presidency and the majority of that control body – including the Secretariat – which fell as a gift for the lack of understanding in the hands of the PSOE.

So they will force negotiations to try, even, to start more positions of those considered second level, such as general directorates of the ministries. That is, to have a large number of senior positions. A strategy that, as this newspaper has accredited, is also being studied in other territories, such as Aragon or the Balearic Islands, under the pretext that this serves to "control" the PP "from internal governance" without it being necessary to occupy councils in these two enclaves.

As EL MUNDO advanced, Guardiola did not have planned in his government design the creation of any vice presidency, that is, the second political step in importance behind it, but Vox will insist in the negotiations that it abandons that idea and finally, as in most governments, it does have this ladder. In any case, Vox celebrates from the early hours of Sunday the change of popular position and is able to energize this second phase of negotiations. He will try, they warn from the negotiating core, to "accelerate" the talks, with the fear that the confusion that now reigns in the PP will serve as an excuse for Genoa to delay the birth of a pact beyond 23-J.

To make the soap opera even more spicy, the president of the Assembly, the socialist Blanca Martín – who is also in the race for the succession of Guillermo Fernández Vara – announced yesterday that she will begin today the period of consultations with the presidencies and spokespersons of the parliamentary groups with the intention of proposing a candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Extremadura. So the media circus will return again with the political future of this autonomous community still in the air, with the unknown to clear on whether Guardiola herself – the PP denies that she will take a step back and Vox sees it unlikely – will present her candidacy, once confirmed that Vara, although he does not have the numbers, He plans to do so to gain prominence and focus in the middle of the general election campaign, since the investiture session is scheduled to be on July 12 at the latest.

If you rush the deadlines, you will set it a little more than 24 hours after the posters are pasted. With the advance of the round to today, the socialist decides not to exhaust the deadlines established by the Statute of Autonomy, which sets a maximum of 15 days from the constitution of the Assembly of Extremadura to propose a candidate. It has taken only seven.


CLOSING ROWS. The dome of Vox has wrapped in the last hours the political vice president of the party, Jorge Buxadé, and has criticized the media that have pointed out, such as ELMUNDO, that the MEP gains organic power with the lists, in which the conservative sector of the formation – which he represents – has imposed itself on the liberal.

"AN UNPRECEDENTED PERSECUTION." "It is an unprecedented persecution," said Ignacio Garriga, secretary general of Vox; "As your successes will continue, I fear that they will continue to release toads," Santiago Abascal wrote.

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