Lishui, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- "Continuously improving the level of opening up to the outside world", 27 years ago, the "Eight-Eight Strategy" tailored for Zhejiang illuminated the road of Zhejiang's open economic development.

Like sweet potato vines, Zhejiang's economy has risen and continued to extend in the past 20 years in the process of opening up. The "sweet potato economy" that grows harder and sweeter can be seen from Lishui City, which is a mountainous county and a key hometown of overseas Chinese in the country.

Lishui is located in the mountainous area of southwest Zhejiang and is known as the "largest green water and green mountain" in Zhejiang. Compared with coastal cities with their own open attributes, how to open up new spaces across the mountains and achieve a high level of opening up to the outside world in the fertile land surrounded by mountains and rivers in Lishui?

Jump out of the "beautiful mountains and beautiful waters" to open up space

Lishui, nine mountains half water and half fields, lofty mountains and mountains are the shackles restricting development. Under the guidance of the "Eighth Strategy", adhering to an open vision and transforming new ideas, a good ecology has also become a driving force for open development.

"Coordinate the Zhejiang South Tea Market, the source price of all tea"... In the southern Zhejiang tea market, more than 100 "tea anchors" are active here every day, shuttling through the market with mobile phones.

With the blessing of the digital economy, Songyang's "slow drink" tea has caught the "express train" of e-commerce. According to the relevant person in charge, the county has cultivated more than 1500,400 tea online stores and more than 2022 live broadcast e-commerce, and the tea online retail sales in 42 will be 47.63 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 91.<>%.

"Good goods" are planted in the mountains and sold all over the world, which is a vivid epitome of Lishui exchanging time for space and opening up space.

This year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the "Eighth Strategy", Zhejiang proposed to implement the "sweet potato economy" to upgrade the "No. <> Opening Project" to create a more resilient, dynamic and competitive "sweet potato economy". For Lishui, green is the background color, but also a powerful engine for open development, revitalizing various policy advantages, jumping out of the "beautiful mountains and beautiful waters", and the development is also "wide in the world".

In the eastern half of Qingyuan County, it used the twinning funds with Changxing County to build morel mushroom "Gongfu Workshop", driving the villagers' average annual income to increase by more than 60,2022 yuan; Yunhe County's Lianshutan Town cooperated with Zhejiang Provincial Investment Group to start "order agriculture", selling corn, sweet potatoes, etc. for more than 270.10 million yuan by <>; Relying on Ningbo Meishan Comprehensive Protection Zone, <> tons of brown sugar in Qingtian County was exported to the EU, opening a precedent for Qingtian's foreign-related order agriculture...

Liandu "Yaxi Youli", Longquan "Longquan Farmer", Suichang "Suichang Taste"... With the support of policies such as the upgraded version of "Mountain-Sea Cooperation" in Zhejiang Province, Lishui has opened "new channels" for the exhibition and sales of agricultural products, so that the "Lishui Mountain Cultivation" brand can go to the domestic and foreign markets, and high-quality "earthy flavor" directly reaches the city table.

Go south to the north to expand the market, chase the dream of the homeland and feed back the "tuber"

Not only the spiritual life of green water and green mountains, but also groups of "Lishui people" who traveled south and north and dreamed of their homeland, and the "Lishui people's economy" lit up the "Lishui open economy".

Walking into Sanmen Village in Yunhe County, workers are planting basswood Ganoderma lucidum for the reclaimed land under the guidance of "Yunhe Master" Shi Yufeng. In the surrounding villages, edible fungi such as black fungus and lion's mane mushroom are also planted, turning idle farmland into a "field of hope".

Who would have thought that two years ago, Shi Yufeng was also in Lindong Town, Zuoqi, Bahrain, Inner Mongolia, teaching edible fungus planting technology to local villagers, driving 176 farmers to develop edible fungi, and is the leader of local rural revitalization.

Including Shi Yufeng, since the 20s of the 80th century, "Yunhe Master", who has a skill, has traveled all over the country to send the "Book of Getting Rich". Today, more than 700 "Yunhe masters" have also returned to their hometowns to set up businesses, creating annual economic benefits of nearly 130 billion yuan.

Traveling east and west to expand the market, the "tuber" is always in the hometown, which is a vivid interpretation of Lishui's deep cultivation of the "sweet potato economy".

In the past, due to the limited resources of mountainous areas, the phenomenon of Lishui people going out was obvious, such as Jingning's outbound population reached 6,8, accounting for 40% of the total population of the county. However, this has also effectively promoted the prosperity of the "sweet potato economy".

As the only She-autonomous county in China, Jingning's "Shexiang Manager" is a typical representative. The return of funds, the return of talents, the return of headquarters... Small supermarkets, small hotels, and small hydropower projects founded by 2,3 "Shexiang managers" have blossomed all over the country, and now they have returned home to start businesses, forming more than 300 large-scale leading enterprises and creating 12,<> jobs.

Traveling with "overseas Chinese" to the sea to make the "sweet potato" big and sweet

Looking at the "Lishui people economy", "overseas Chinese" is a vivid footnote. Lishui has 41,5 overseas Chinese in more than 130 countries and regions. In recent years, the local government has encouraged overseas Chinese to "go out" and "invite in" to explore complementary advantages of Chinese and foreign resources and win-win cooperation.

In Qingtian County's Qiaoxiang Industrial Park, an ice cream production plant with a total investment of 1 million yuan is under construction. Xu Xuyang, the person in charge of the factory and an Italian overseas Chinese businessman, said in an interview that ice cream raw materials, processes and equipment were imported from Italy, and the water test in previous years achieved good results, and the new plant will be put into production next year, "the annual output value is expected to exceed 2 million yuan."

From focusing on international trade to returning to his hometown to invest, Xu Xuyang has found vast market opportunities in China. "Especially this year, the consumer market across China has picked up, and we have added a large number of ice cream orders, I believe there is still a lot of room in the future." Xu Xuyang said.

The tree is thousands of feet tall and has roots in the homeland. In recent years, the Lishui Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have accelerated the implementation of the "Return of Overseas Chinese Elements in the New Era" project, providing heart-warming services for overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship, and building a broad stage for the development of overseas Chinese businessmen.

For example, on the basis of the original policy of benefiting overseas Chinese, 7 departments of Lishui jointly issued the "Thirty Policies and Measures for Lishui City to Encourage Overseas Chinese to Return to Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Trial)", covering organizational security, talent science and technology, financial support and other aspects.

Borrowing power from the sea, it opened the door of Lishui to the world, and also let the world enter Lishui.

Not long ago, Lishui launched the "sweet potato economy" global economic and trade sharing platform, relying on the new bridge, allowing global merchants to have an in-depth understanding of Lishui, "connect" Lishui, and promote the introduction and landing of project talents.

This year, the local government will also hire 100 "global business ambassadors", including overseas Chinese, to carry out actions such as the dual circulation of Lishui people's economy, the expansion of domestic demand on a <>-billion-yuan platform, the entry of thousands of foreign businessmen into Lishui, the global sales of <>,<> products, the energy level of the open platform, and the cultivation of strong subjects, pooling efforts to make the "sweet potato" rhizome stronger, the vine wider and the fruit sweeter. (End)