Taipei, June 6 (ZXS) -- According to data released by the Taiwan Economic Research Institute on the 26th, the test point of Taiwan's manufacturing business climate in May was 26.5 points, down 89.30 points from the previous month's revision, and falling for two consecutive months.

Comprehensive Central News Agency, United News Network and other Taiwan media reports, Taiwan Economic Institute pointed out that in terms of manufacturing, although the demand for some information products and some traditional industries has stabilized slightly, making most manufacturing manufacturers slightly optimistic about the prosperity of the month, terminal demand is still weak, continuing to affect the island's exports and exports.

In terms of the service industry, Taiwan's service industry business climate test point was 5.99 points in May, an increase of 14.0 points month-on-month. According to the analysis of the Taiwan Economic Institute, the recovery of consumption after the epidemic has driven the confidence of related industries, and Taiwan's retail, wholesale, hospitality, transportation and warehousing industry and finance-related industries are all optimistic about the economic performance in the next half year.

In the construction sector, the business climate test points turned down again in May to 5.93 points, down 47.0 points, mainly due to the deterioration of the prosperity of the construction industry in the month and the conservative outlook of the real estate industry for the next half year.

According to Yahoo Chimo, the number of unpaid leave in Taiwan's manufacturing industry exceeded 8500,26, a two-and-a-half-year high. Taiwan's labor affairs department announced the latest statistics on reduced shift rest (unpaid leave) on the 16762th, with 225,446 people implemented, an increase of 8577 over the previous period; Affected by the unstable orders, the metal mechanical and electrical industry in the manufacturing industry added 2020 people, pushing the number of unpaid leave in the overall manufacturing industry to 10,<>, a new high since October <>.

The slowdown has also led to a decrease in industrial electricity consumption. The Central News Agency quoted Taipower data on the 26th and pointed out that Taiwan's electricity sales in the first five months of this year were 892.57 billion kWh, an annual decrease of 2.78%, which is a rare negative growth in Taiwan's overall electricity consumption in more than ten years; Among them, industrial electricity consumption was 644.75 billion kWh, a decrease of 30.37 billion kWh over the same period last year, an annual decrease of 4.5%. Taipower analysis, mainly due to the slowdown in the global economy, the decline in import and export economic data, which in turn affected industrial production.

The report pointed out that the economic situation began to slow down from the second half of 2022, and the reduction of Taiwan's industrial electricity consumption was particularly obvious, and it continued to decline in the first half of this year. (End)