Guangzhou, 6 Jun (ZXS) -- The torrential rain that poured down "crackled," and many Guangzhou citizens were "woken up" on 23 June. Since the early morning of the same day, Qingyuan, Shaoguan, Heyuan and the northern part of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province have suffered heavy rain to heavy rain, local heavy rain, and local heavy rain.

As of 23 o'clock on the 9rd, the province's 22 cities and counties have taken effect on rainstorm warning signals, of which 6 cities and counties have issued red warnings for heavy rain.

According to the monitoring of the meteorological department, from 22 o'clock on the 20nd to 23 o'clock on the 10rd, heavy rainfall was mainly concentrated in Qingyuan, Shaoguan, Yangjiang and other places, of which Xiatai Town in Yingde City recorded the largest cumulative rainfall of 371.1 mm in the province.

Guangdong Meteorological Bureau said that at present, heavy precipitation in many places in Guangdong Province is still continuing, relevant departments should improve the awareness of geological disaster prevention, especially in mountainous areas, to increase the slope, river valley, river and lake and other high-risk areas of geological disasters to patrol, if abnormalities are found, evacuate the people as soon as possible and report in time.

At 23 o'clock on the 11rd, heavy rain hit Guangzhou again, and the rain was heavier than in the early morning of that day. The Guangzhou Meteorological Disaster Emergency Command launched the Guangzhou Meteorological Disaster (Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm and Gale) Level IV Emergency Response at 11:20 on the same day, and then upgraded the Guangzhou Meteorological Disaster (Heavy Rain) Level IV. emergency response to Level III emergency response at 11:28. The reporter saw in Guangzhou's Zhujiang New Town that the sky was covered with dark clouds, day was like night, high-rise buildings were covered by "rain walls", and many sections of the road were flooded, and the water was serious.

"This rain is too much, I originally asked a friend to go climbing the mountain today, but now I can only cancel it." Mr. Jiang, a Guangzhou resident, told reporters that due to heavy rain, the holiday travel plan had to be canceled.

On the same day, many places in northern and western Guangdong also sounded a red warning for heavy rain due to the "visit" of heavy rain. From 7:20 to 10:20, the heavy rainfall in Qingyuan was fierce, and the rainfall in Yingdeli River and Baisha was nearly 10 mm. The Yingde City Meteorological Observatory upgraded the orange warning signal of Lixi and Baisha rainstorm to red at 20:<>; At the same time, the red warning signal for heavy rain in Yingcheng Street, Dazhan Station, Wangbu, Lianjiangkou, Xiatai, and Donghua continues to be in effect.

The Guangdong Meteorological Bureau predicts that from the 23rd to the 25th, there will be heavy to heavy rain, local heavy rain or exceptionally heavy rain in northwestern Guangdong Province, as well as in cities and counties in the Pearl River Delta and north-western Guangdong, and thunderstorms, local heavy rain or heavy rain in other cities and counties, of which the 23rd to 24th has the largest range and intensity of heavy rainfall; From the 26th to the 27th, the rain in the province generally weakened. (End)