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In the past 20 years since the implementation of the "<> Million Project", Zhejiang has started from improving the village environment and has achieved a magnificent turn from "dirty and chaotic" to "green and rich".

While dressing up the countryside, how to make the "20 million projects" benefit thousands of farmers, so that "green water and green mountains" can truly become "golden mountains and silver mountains"? "<> Years of "Ten Million Project", today look at the "industrial change" in rural Zhejiang.

On weekends, Xiaoshendu Village in Changxing County is very popular, with blue water in the ancient pond, and tourists stroll through the stone embankment of Taihu Lake to feel the thousand-year-old culture of Lugang. During the past May Day holiday, the number of tourists once "soared" to an average of nearly 2,20 per day. However, this hot "net red village" on the shores of Taihu Lake was a weaving village with sewage and noise 1500 years ago. At most, more than <>,<> looms in the village "resonate", and wastewater is directly discharged into rivers and farmlands, converging into a shocking "milk river".

Qin Jinming, former director of the village committee of Xiaoshendu Village, Changxing County, Huzhou: (Before) the cement slurry, which looked like flour slurry, looked outside along the small ditch, there were all outside, and the rice was dead.

The development model of low and small scattered is not only the individual dilemma of Xiao Shendu village. Once upon a time, a number of extensive industries such as Pujiang crystal, Fuyang papermaking, road and bridge metal dismantling, etc., made many places in Zhejiang present a scene of "villages igniting fires and households smoking". How should the rural economy be transformed? In August 2005, Comrade Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, came to Huzhou for inspection and research, and for the first time put forward the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", like a golden key, which instantly opened up a new space for rural green development.

Qin Jinming, former director of the village committee of Xiaoshendu Village, Changxing County, Huzhou: After the general secretary put forward the concept of "two mountains," he made up his mind that he must change it, get rid of the old weaving organs, and develop tourism.

When Qin Jinming made up his mind to "dismantle looms and engage in tourism" in Xiaoshendu Village, many villagers believed that doing so was tantamount to "smashing rice bowls." Jin Xiaoyan, who had more than ten looms at home at that time, was the first to stand up against it.

Jin Xiaoyan, a villager in Xiaoshendu Village, Changxing County, Huzhou: The line is like a mountain, and we must have concerns when we make weaving and suddenly leap over to catering.

How do you persuade everyone to do it together? The two village committees took the lead in cleaning up the river channel and striving to restore the historical appearance of Taihu Lake; The office building of the village committee was also vacated to help the villagers start a cultural tourism project. Under the leadership of village cadres, Jin Xiaoyan also dismantled the loom and invested more than 50,<> yuan to transform the weaving workshop into a characteristic farmhouse.

Jin Xiaoyan, a villager in Xiaoshendu Village, Changxing County, Huzhou: Now I feel that this road is the right one, we can earn money at home, and our days will be rushing.

In order to open up the conversion channel from "green water and green mountains" to "golden mountains and silver mountains", at the third on-site meeting of the "2010 Million Project", Comrade Xi Jinping proposed to combine beautiful villages and rich villages, and embark on a road to rectify beautiful villages and enrich the people and strengthen villages. In <>, our province launched the ecological economy promotion action to accelerate the development of a new model of rural leisure tourism based on "farmhouse" leisure tourism led by key scenic spots.

Gu Yikang, former deputy director of the Provincial Agricultural Office: "Ten million projects" are basic projects, from the construction of "ten million projects", to the construction of beautiful villages, to the operation of beautiful villages, we believe that this process is very important.

How to create a beautiful countryside with business philosophy? In Jingling Town, Xinchang County, Shaoxing, Nineteen Peaks, whose annual number of tourists once exceeded one million, once encountered a "ceiling" of growth, and the number of tourists continued to decline, and the occupancy rate of surrounding homestays once dropped from 80% to 20%. Without destroying the natural landscape, how to create a more attractive new rural business format is a difficult problem that needs to be solved urgently.

Pan Minhuai, member of the Party Committee of Jingling Town, Xinchang County, Shaoxing City: When General Secretary Xi Jinping investigated here, he mentioned that the development of coordination with people and harmony with the environment urgently needs characteristic industries that can be perfectly combined with natural scenery, and at the same time have a certain sense of novelty and a certain sense of science and technology. ”

After many inquiries, Zhang Xiaoqing, chief engineer of Xinchang County Tourism Group, was excited to learn that China's first 3D outdoor project "Shanhai Jingqi" was being selected nationwide. In order to attract the project to land, he and his team mapped the nineteen peaks in advance, and how high and wide the spacing of each mountain is, all accurate to the millimeter.

Zhang Xiaoqing, Chief Engineer of Shaoxing Xinchang County Tourism Group Co., Ltd.: Detailed to the size of a boulder in each node, including the depth of the stream in the river, it provides hundreds of sets of data, which is also to show the greatest sincerity of our entire service.

This year's "May Day", "Mountain and Sea Jingqi" officially opened its doors. In the 2.6-kilometer canyon, more than 50 human-computer interactive installations are also set up, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the fantasy scene of the "Classic of Mountains and Seas" to hunt for treasures.

Digital technology superimposed on natural landscapes, green waters and green mountains have new traction, driving the number of homestays in Yazhuang Village to double, almost every homestay will put the brochure "Mountains and Seas Classics" in the most conspicuous position as a golden signboard for attracting customers.

He Qimiao, owner of the homestay in Yazhuang Village, Xinchang County, Shaoxing City: It enriches the activities of tourists staying here and prolongs the time they stay in the homestay.

Zhou Lingqiang, director of the Rural Tourism Research Center of the Institute of Rural Development of Zhejiang University: This is what the general secretary has always emphasized, that is, we must apply our unique rural culture and high-quality local style to the development process in various aspects through creative inheritance and innovative development.

With the concept of "two mountains" to promote the "20 million projects" to move forward in depth, in the past 70 years, "a dish, a leaf, a fruit" have been dug deep in various places, and a number of beautiful industries that retain the rural style and carry the local taste have been cultivated. Through the implementation of the "Ten Industries and Trillions" action for rural industries, 114 beautiful rural demonstration counties and 3 provincial-level characteristic agricultural product advantage areas have been created. Up to now, the province's rural tourism and leisure agriculture have received more than 9 million tourists, and the total operating income has exceeded 469.<> billion yuan.

Wang Liangtong, former director of the Provincial Agricultural Office: Now that the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it has not only brought about tremendous changes in the appearance of the countryside, created thousands of beautiful villages, but also benefited thousands of peasants.

China Blue News Reporter Li Lin, Lin Xuan, Xu Qin, Shen Zenan, Changxingtai, Xinchangtai