Beijing, June 6 (ZXS) -- The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning for heavy rain on June 19, and it is expected that in the next three days, due to heavy rainfall, some areas in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi and southeast Tibet will have a risk of heavy rain disasters. Chinese officials remind all localities to pay attention to prevention and response.

During the day on June 6, heavy to heavy rain occurred in parts of southern Jiangsu, northern Shanghai, central and eastern Anhui, central Hunan, southern Guizhou and other places, and heavy to heavy rain in Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Hunan and other places. In addition, southeast Inner Mongolia and Hulunbuir, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other places experienced moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain.

From June 6 to 18, there were extremely heavy rainstorms and heavy rainstorms in many places in Guizhou. On June 19, affected by continuous rainfall and upstream water, Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun City, Guizhou Province entered the flood season, and its water momentum was spectacular under aerial photography. Photo by Gu Shangtai

The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that from 6:19 on June 20 to 20:20 on June <>, there will be heavy to heavy rainfall in northeastern Yunnan, southern Guizhou, northwestern Guangxi, western and northern Hunan, northern Jiangxi, southern Anhui, western Zhejiang, northeastern Inner Mongolia, southeastern Tibet and other places.

From 6:20 on June 20 to 21:20 on June <>, there were moderate to heavy rains in southeastern Tibet, northeastern Yunnan, southern and northeastern Sichuan, central and western Chongqing, most of Guizhou, northern Guangxi, central Hunan, north-central Jiangxi, south-central Zhejiang, north-central Fujian, eastern Jilin and eastern Heilongjiang, among which there were heavy rainstorms in parts of western Chongqing, eastern Hunan, northeastern Jiangxi and western Zhejiang.

From 6:21 on June 20 to 22:20 on June <>, there were heavy to heavy rains in parts of eastern Yunnan, central and southern Guizhou, northern Guangxi, central Hunan, north-central Jiangxi, southern Zhejiang, and northern Fujian, among which there were heavy rainstorms in parts of northwestern Guangxi, central Hunan, and northwestern Jiangxi.

In addition, the Ministry of Water Resources of China and the China Meteorological Administration jointly issued a yellow flash flood disaster meteorological warning: it is expected that from 6:19 on June 20 to 6:20 on June 20, flash flood disasters may occur in parts of western Zhejiang, southern Anhui, northern Jiangxi, northeastern and western Hunan, northern Guangxi, southern Sichuan, eastern and southern Guizhou, and northern Yunnan (blue warning). At the same time, all localities are requested to do a good job in real-time monitoring, flood prevention and early warning, transfer and avoidance and other preventive work, and pay attention to preventing geological disasters caused by heavy precipitation, especially in areas near geological disaster hidden danger points. (End)